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Wicked Demons and Spirits

The Watchtower does a very good job in scaring the Jehovahís Witnesses into believing that demons and wicked spirits are always on the lookout for vulnerable members of the congregation.  In the early years of the Watchtower one could possibly understand this belief due to the popularity of spiritism at the time.  However, as you will see in the below quote it is still very much on their minds and they warn of the dangers of wicked spirits, evil demons and spiritualism. In addition please see Paranoid and Spirtualism.  (Apparently even the following cartoon character is demonic )smurf

Knowledge that leads to everlasting Life - 1995 p114

Recall our earlier consideration of Satanís attack on Godís servant Job. The Devil caused the loss of his livestock and the death of most of his servants. Satan even killed Jobís children.  Next he struck Job himself with a painful disease.  But Job kept kept his his integrity to God and was greatly blesses. (Job 1:7-19; 2:7, 8: 42:12)  Since then demons have made some people speechless or blind and have continued to revel in the suffering of humans. (Matthew 9:32, 33; 12:22; Mark 5:2-5)  Today, reports show that demons sexually harass some and drive others to insanity. They incite still others to murder and suicide, which are sins against God.

[Emphasis added]

In the above quote the Watchtower mentions reports!  What reports would these be? Its a shame the Watchtower never name their sources when they quote these important facts.

Knowledge that leads to everlasting Life - 1995 p114/5

How to Resist Wicked Spirits

What is one way that you can resist wicked spirits and protect yourself and your family


get rid of anything having spiritistic uses or overtonesThis includes books, magazines, videos, posters, musical recordings, and objects used for spiritistic purposes.  Also included are idols, amulets and other items worn for protection, and gifts received from practicers of spiritism. To illustrate: A married couple in Thailand had long been harassed by demons.  Then they got rid of objects associated with spiritism. What was the result? They were relieved of the demonic attacks and thereafter made real spiritual progress.


Do you not agree that the accurate knowledge you have gained and taken to heart as you have studied the Bible has built up your faith? No doubt, therefore, as you continue this study and make it your custom to attend the meetings of Jehovahís Witnesses, your faith will be fortified more. It will be a mighty bulwark against demon attacks.


Though the perfect man Jesus Christ had divine protection, he heard the voice of the wicked spirit creature Satan the Devil. Jesus showed what to do in such a case.  He told the Devil:  ďGo away, Satan!ĒIn like manner you should refuse to listen to voices from the spirit world.   Resist wicked spirits by calling on Jehovah for help. Yes pray aloud using Godís name.

[Emphasis added]

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