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United Nations - Watchtower Becomes NGO member

In 1991 the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of New York applied to the United Nations to become an NGO.  In 1992 the Watchtower’s application was granted. As part of being a United Nation’s NGO the Watchtower agreed to a number of criteria that had to be met every year. 

On Joining in 1992 all NGO’s agreed with the below requirement ;

 The principal purpose of association of non-governmental organizations with the United Nations Department of Public Information is the re-dissemination of information in order to increase public understanding of the principles, activities and achievements of the United Nations and its Agencies. Consequently, it is important that you should keep us informed about your organization's information program as it relates to the United Nations, including sending us issues of your relevant publications. We are enclosing a brochure on the The United Nations and Non-Governmental Organizations, which will give you some information

When news of the Watchtower’s involvement with the UN appeared in the Guardian (UK tabloid) the Watchtower requested that they disassociate themselves. When news reached the “rank and file” Jehovah’s Witnesses, they inundated theUN offices so much with inquiries that the UN were forced to post the following letter on their web site.

Page 1

United Nations NGO Conffirmation

And Page 2


The above letter is available directly from the UN’s own web site at Below is the article in the Guardian exposing the United Nations tie up

Jehovah's Witnesses United Nations

Below are extracts from a 2001 edition of the Awake! promoting the United Nations. Should the Watchtower be promoting activities of the Scarlet Colored Beast?

Jehovah Witnesses Promote UN - Awake 2001

Here are some Watchtower Quotes showing what the UN means to them..

Kingdom Ministries (Canada) May 2005 p1

Jehovah’s day is near

As recorded  at Revelation 17:9-11 the apostle John mentions seven kings, representing a succession of seven worldly powers. John also refer to an eighth king which now represents the United Nations. are we to expect other world powers to come to the scene?  No, the prophecy states that this eighth king goes off into destruction, after which no earthly kings are mentioned. Does this prophesy help you to see where we are in the stream of time.

[Emphasis added]

Watchtower November 15, 2023 p.19

'No Calamity Will Befall Us'


14 Anointed Christians are like alien residents living in tents apart from this system of things. Not even a plague draws near their tent. Whether our hope is heavenly or earthly, we are no part of the world, and we are not infected by such spiritually deadly plagues as its immorality, materialism, false religion and worship of the 'wild beast' and it's 'image', the United Nations.

[Emphasis Added]

Watchtower 1982 July 15 pp.22-26

Benefiting From Your God-given Conscience


[Box on page 26]

Employment Factors to Consider

When a Christian must make a decision about a certain employment, he should give thought first to what he would actually be doing. He might consider these two points:

Is the particular work condemned in the Bible?

The Bible condemns things such as stealing, idolatry and the misuse of blood, so a Christian could hardly engage in work where he directly promoted such things.

Would doing the work so closely link a person with a condemned practice that he would be a clear accomplice?

Even a janitor or a receptionist at a blood bank or a plant making only weapons of war is directly linked with work contrary to God's Word.—Leviticus 17:13, 14; Isaiah 2:2-4.

[Emphasis Added]

Watchtower 1999 May 1 p.15 "Let the Reader Use Discernment"

A Modern-Day "Disgusting Thing"

7 Since World War I, we have seen the larger fulfillment of Jesus' sign recorded in Matthew chapter 24. Yet, recall his words: "When you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation . . . standing in a holy place, . . . then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains." (Matthew 24:15, 16) This aspect of the prophecy must have a fulfillment in our time too.

8 Demonstrating the confidence of Jehovah's servants that this prophecy would be fulfilled, The Watchtower of January 1, 1921, focused on it in connection with developments in the Middle East. Subsequently, in its December 15, 1929, issue, on page 374, The Watchtower definitively said: "The whole tendency of the League of Nations is to turn the people away from God and from Christ, and it is therefore a desolating thing, the product of Satan, and an abomination in the sight of God." So in 1919 "the disgusting thing" appeared. In time, the League gave way to the United Nations. Jehovah's Witnesses have long exposed these human peace organizations as disgusting in God's sight.


15 Revelation depicts "a scarlet-colored wild beast" that exists for a time, disappears, and then returns. (Revelation 17:3, 8) This beast is supported by world rulers. Details supplied in the prophecy help us to identify this symbolic beast as a peace organization that came into existence in 1919 as the League of Nations (a "disgusting thing") and that is now the United Nations. Revelation 17:16, 17 shows that God will yet put it into the hearts of certain human rulers who are prominent in this "beast" to desolate the world empire of false religion. That attack marks the outbreak of the great tribulation.

[Emphasis Added]

Kingdom Ministry December 1998 p.5 Theocratic Ministry School Review

9. Revelation 13:11-15 accurately portrays how the Anglo-American World Power became chief sponsor and life-giver both to the League of Nations and to its successor, the United Nations. [Weekly Bible reading; see w88 12/15 p. 19 par. 3.] True.

[Emphasis Added]

Kingdom Ministry August 1994 pp.5-6 Theocratic Ministry School Review

20. What was "the disgusting thing that causes desolation" in the first century, and what is it today? (Matt. 24:15) [gt chap. 111] In 66 C.E., it was the Roman armies that surrounded Jerusalem; today it is the United Nations.

[Emphasis Added]

Kingdom Ministry February 1976 p.1 Branch Letter

Our brothers in Malawi and in Mozambique do not have all the printed aids that we do, but they continue to praise Jehovah. Even the vicious persecution that has come on them has resulted in the giving of a tremendous witness. (Phil. 1:12-14) We have at hand reports from all parts of the United States, besides Kenya, South Africa, Hong Kong, Malaysia, England, Canada and France, telling what is happening to our brothers in Malawi. Copies of the Awake! report on Malawi were furnished to representatives to the United Nations, to all U.S. congressman and senators. We know of over seventy radio stations that have carried the story. At least ten TV stations have featured it. Thus the world is hearing what is happening to Jehovah's people because they uphold God's kingdom. All of this contributes to the separating of people as foretold in Matthew 25:31-46.

[Emphasis Added]

Kingdom Ministry September 1970 p.1 Branch Letter

As we think back on the highlights of the program, we also remember the identification of the "disgusting thing" with the scarlet-colored beast of Revelation chapter 17, the United Nations. That is something that folks had been asking about ever since the assemblies last year.

[Emphasis Added]

Watchtower 1991 June 1 p.19 Their Refuge—A Lie!

[for the complete Watchtower article, with its detailed explanation of the United Nations standing together with Christendom against God's will, see next quote]

20 Christendom rested her hopes in the League of Nations, but it was overturned even without the coming of Armageddon. Now she has transferred her allegiance to the United Nations. But it will soon have to face "the war of the great day of God the Almighty," and it will not survive. (Revelation 16:14) Even a revived UN can never bring peace and security. God's prophetic Word shows that the United Nations organization with its member nations "will battle with the Lamb [Christ in Kingdom power], but, because he is Lord of lords and King of kings, the Lamb will conquer them."—Revelation 17:14.

[Emphasis Added]

Watchtower 1991 June 1 pp.15-20 Their Refuge—A Lie!

6 Confident in their political alliances, Jerusalem's leaders were sure that no "overflowing flash flood" of invading armies would come near them to disturb their peace and security. When threatened by an alliance of Israel and Syria, Judah turned to Assyria for help. (2 Kings 16:5-9) Later, when menaced by the military forces of Babylon, she appealed to Egypt for support and Pharaoh responded, sending an army to help.—Jeremiah 37:5-8; Ezekiel 17:11-15.

7 But Babylon's armies were too powerful, and Egypt's troops had to withdraw. Jerusalem's placing confidence in Egypt proved to be a mistake, and in 607 B.C.E., Jehovah abandoned her to the destruction he had foretold. So Jerusalem's rulers and priests were wrong! Their trust in worldly alliances for peace and security was "a lie" that was swept away by the flash flood of Babylon's armies.

Rejecting the "Tried Stone"

8 Is there a parallel situation today? Yes, there is. The clergy of Christendom also feel that no calamity will overtake them. In effect, they say as Isaiah foretold: "We have concluded a covenant with Death; and with Sheol we have effected a vision; the overflowing flash flood, in case it should pass through, will not come to us, for we have made a lie our refuge and in falsehood we have concealed ourselves." (Isaiah 28:15) Like ancient Jerusalem, Christendom looks to worldly alliances for security, and her clergy refuse to take refuge in Jehovah. Why, they do not even use his name, and they mock and persecute those who do honor that name. Christendom's clergy have done just what the Jewish chief priests in the first century did when they rejected Christ. They have said, in effect, "We have no king but Caesar."—John 19:.

9 Today, Jehovah's Witnesses warn that a flood of executional armies will soon sweep over Christendom. Moreover, they point to the true place of refuge from that flood. They quote Isaiah 28:16, which says: "This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: 'Here I am laying as a foundation in Zion a stone, a tried stone, the precious corner of a sure foundation. No one exercising faith will get panicky.'" Who is this 'precious cornerstone'? The apostle Peter quoted these words and applied them to Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 2:6) If Christendom had sought peace with Jehovah's King, Jesus Christ, then she would have avoided the coming flash flood.—Compare Luke 19:42-44.

10 However, she has not done so. Instead, in her quest for peace and security, she insinuates herself into the favor of the political leaders of the nations—this despite the Bible's warning that friendship with the world is enmity with God. (James 4:4) Moreover, in 1919 she strongly advocated the League of Nations as man's best hope for peace. Since 1945 she has put her hope in the United Nations. (Compare Revelation 17:3, 11.) How extensive is her involvement with this organization?

11 A recent book gives an idea when it states: "No less than twenty-four Catholic organizations are represented at the UN. Several of the world's religious leaders have visited the international organization. Most memorable were the visits of His Holiness Pope Paul VI during the General Assembly in 1965 and of Pope John Paul II in 1979. Many religions have special invocations, prayers, hymns and services for the United Nations. The most important examples are those of the Catholic, the Unitarian-Universalist, the Baptist and the Bahai faiths."

[Note: See the footnote below concerning the source of the quote in the previous paragraph]

Vain Hopes for Peace

12 One of the world's most powerful political leaders echoed the hopes of many when he said: "This generation of people on earth may witness the advent of an irreversible period of peace in the history of civilization." Was he right? Do recent developments mean that the warnings Jehovah's Witnesses have issued concerning Jehovah's execution of judgment on the nations will not come true? Are Jehovah's Witnesses wrong?

13 No, they are not wrong. They know they are telling the truth because they put their trust in Jehovah and in the Bible, which is God's own Word of truth. Titus 1:2 says: "God . . . cannot lie." So they have full confidence that when a Bible prophecy says that a certain thing will happen, it will without fail come to pass. Jehovah himself states: "So my word that goes forth from my mouth will prove to be. It will not return to me without results, but it will certainly do that in which I have delighted."—Isaiah 55:11.

14 In the years before the destruction of Jerusalem in 607 B.C.E., Jeremiah reported that the leaders were crying, "There is peace! There is peace!" (Jeremiah 8:11) However, that was a lie. Jerusalem was destroyed in fulfillment of the inspired warnings of Jehovah's true prophets. The apostle Paul warned that something similar would happen in our day. He said that men would be crying "Peace and security!" But then, he said, "sudden destruction" would be "instantly upon them."—1 Thessalonians 5:3.

15 As we entered the 1990's, newspapers and magazines everywhere were saying that the Cold War is over and that world peace is at last in sight. But then a shooting war broke out in the Middle East. However, sooner or later the world situation will develop to the point where the cry of "Peace and security!" prophesied at 1 Thessalonians 5:2, 3 will increase to a climax. With our hopes firmly anchored in God's Word, we know that, as that climax is reached, God's judgments will be executed swiftly and unerringly. No patched-up peace and security pronouncements should make us think that destruction foretold by God will not come. Jehovah's judgments are unchangeably recorded in his Word the Bible. Christendom, along with all other false religion, will be destroyed. And then Jehovah's destructive judgments will be expressed against the rest of Satan's world. (2 Thessalonians 1:6-8; 2:8; Revelation 18:21; 19:19-21) Since Jehovah's Witnesses are confident that Jehovah will fulfill his word, they continue to keep on the watch under the guidance of the faithful and discreet slave class and carefully observe how world events unfold. (Matthew 24:45-47) Certainly, no peacemaking efforts of man should make us think that Jehovah has abandoned his purpose to bring a flash flood of destruction on sin-laden Christendom.

'God Is Our Refuge'

16 Some may take offense at the frankness of Jehovah's Witnesses in proclaiming this. However, when they say that Christendom's religious rulers have taken refuge in a lying arrangement, they merely relate what the Bible says. When they say that Christendom deserves punishment because she has become a part of the world, they merely report what God himself says in the Bible. (Philippians 3:18, 19) Moreover, because Christendom puts her confidence in the schemes proposed by this world, she actually supports the god of this world, Satan the Devil, who Jesus said is the father of the lie.—John 8:44; 2 Corinthians 4:4.

17 Therefore, Jehovah's Witnesses declare: As for us, we do not encourage false hopes of world peace because of the changing political scene. Instead, we echo the words of the psalmist: "God is a refuge for us. . . . The sons of earthling man are an exhalation, the sons of mankind are a lie. When laid upon the scales they are all together lighter than an exhalation." (Psalm 62:8, 9) Human schemes to promote and preserve Christendom and the rest of this system of things are a falsehood, a lie! All of them put together have no more power to forestall Jehovah's purposes than does a mouthful of hot air!

18 Jehovah's Witnesses also quote Psalm 33, verses 17 to 19, which declares: "The horse [of Egypt, symbolizing warfare] is a deception for salvation, and by the abundance of its vital energy it does not afford escape. Look! The eye of Jehovah is toward those fearing him, to those waiting for his loving-kindness, to deliver their soul from death itself, and to preserve them alive in famine." Today, true Christians trust in Jehovah and in his heavenly Kingdom, the only arrangement that can bring permanent peace.

Christendom "a Trampling Place"

19 To trust any man-made substitute for God's Kingdom makes that substitute an image, an object of worship. (Revelation 13:14, 15) Thus, encouraging reliance on political institutions, such as the United Nations, for peace and security is an illusion, a lie. Concerning such objects of false hopes, Jeremiah says: "His molten image is a falsehood, and there is no spirit in them. They are vanity, a work of mockery. In the time of their being given attention they will perish." (Jeremiah 10:14, 15) Therefore, the war-horses of antitypical Egypt, that is, the military-political might of the nations today, will not protect the religious realm of Christendom in her day of crisis. The alliance of Christendom's religions with this world will surely fail to protect them.

20 Christendom rested her hopes in the League of Nations, but it was overturned even without the coming of Armageddon. Now she has transferred her allegiance to the United Nations. But it will soon have to face "the war of the great day of God the Almighty," and it will not survive. (Revelation 16:14) Even a revived UN can never bring peace and security. God's prophetic Word shows that the United Nations organization with its member nations "will battle with the Lamb [Christ in Kingdom power], but, because he is Lord of lords and King of kings, the Lamb will conquer them."—Revelation 17:14.

21 Jehovah's Witnesses confidently say that there is no salvation for Christendom in her alliances with Satan's world. And when they say this, they are merely pointing out what the Bible itself says. Isaiah 28:17, 18 quotes Jehovah as saying: "I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the leveling instrument; and the hail must sweep away the refuge of a lie, and the waters themselves will flood out the very place of concealment. And your covenant with Death will certainly be dissolved, and that vision of yours with Sheol will not stand. The overflowing flash flood, when it passes through—you must also become for it a trampling place."

22 When Jehovah's judicial decision is carried out, it will be according to perfect justice. And Christendom's basis for confidence, her "covenant with Death," will be completely swept away as if by a flash flood. Isaiah goes on to say: "Morning by morning it will pass through, during the day and during the night; and it must become nothing but a reason for quaking to make others understand what has been heard." (Isaiah 28:19) How terrifying it will be for onlookers to witness the full power of Jehovah's judgment! How awful for Christendom's clergy and their followers to find out, too late, that they have trusted in a lie!



"For the first time since World War II the international community is united. The leadership of the United Nations, once only a hoped-for ideal, is now confirming its founders' vision. . . . The world can therefore seize this opportunity to fulfill the long-held promise of a new world order."—President Bush of the United States in his State of the Union message to that nation, January 29, 2024

[Emphasis Added]

Further Study of Watchtower Article Above

The quote in paragraph 11 of the Watchtower June 1 1991 article (above) is not credited, but it appears to come from the 1982 book, New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality chapter 6, Prayer And Meditation At The United Nations by Robert Muller. It has also been suggested that that this material may have been a revised version of a speech that Robert Muller delivered in 1977/8, when as Secretary of ECOSOC, he spoke at the 20th Anniversary of the U.N. Meditation Room.

The *COMPLETE* quote reads as follows. The portion quoted in the Watchtower article is in red underlined text; note the portion which was not included in the Watchtower (which is here highlighted):

NEW GENESIS: Shaping a Global Spirituality

Chapter 6: Prayer and Meditation at the United Nations page 45+following

by Robert Muller

Prayer, meditation and spirituality at the UN are fascinating subjects. All major world religions are accredited to the United Nations as non-governmental organizations. For example, no less than twenty-four Catholic organizations are represented at the UN. Several of the world's religious leaders have visited the international organization. Most memorable were the visits of His Holiness Pope Paul VI during the General Assembly in 1965 and of Pope John Paul II in 1979. Many religions have special invocations, prayers, hymns and services for the United Nations. The most important examples are those of the Catholic, the Unitarian-Universalist, the Baptist and the Bahai faiths. It is a common practice of the Unitarian-Universalists to display the United Nations flag in their houses of worship. So does the Holy Family Church, the parish church of the UN, with its international reliquary and its many religious services and activities catering to world peace and to the international community.

When it comes to the United Nations proper, one can obviously not say that it is a spiritual organization. How could it be otherwise? For the UN is the creation and mirror of governments, most of whom have 'secularized' themselves, i.e., separated spirituality from their daily lives and preoccupations. Nevertheless, prayer and spirituality play an important role in the United Nations. It is a moving experience, for example, to witness the minute of silence for prayer or meditation at the opening of the yearly General Assembly, when men and women from all nations center their minds and souls on the job to be done and when at the end of the Assembly a similar minute of silence permits them to reflect on their achievements and failures. Thus, the world's first universal gatherings of nations are placed under the symbol of prayer or meditation. Also, there are many delegates and world servants whose cultures do not make any distinction between spirituality and public service. Then there are those who are deeply attached to their faiths or for whom the United Nations is a new form of spirituality and ethics, while they remain faithful to their respective religions. Some delegates are known to meditate in a place of worship before speaking in a UN assembly. One of the greatest orators ever at the United Nations, Professor Belaunde from Peru, meditated on his speeches in St. Patrick Cathedral. Then we have the UN Meditation Room, which is visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. We have also a UN Meditation Group led by an Indian mystic. One could tell several moving stories of the spiritual transformation the UN has caused, to the point that this little speck on earth is becoming a holy ground. For example, the rational, intellectual economist Dag Hammarskiöld found God at the United Nations and inspiration for his work as a world servant in the mystics of the Middle Ages. Towards the end, his Markings overflow with spirituality and mysticism.

Then there was U Thant, the man from the Orient, who saw no difference between life and religion, who held that spirituality was the highest of all human needs and virtues. The Western distinction between secular and spiritual lives was totally incomprehensible to him. He found in such cleavage one of the principal causes of the world's conflicts, tensions, injustices and disarray. For him, every single moment of life called for prayer, virtue, reverence, gratitude and total communion with humankind and the universe. He was of Buddhist faith, a religion which does not believe in God, and yet he was one of the most spiritual persons I have ever known.

There are many also in the United Nations for whom the cooperation of all nations towards common goals and values is a kind of new religion, a supreme path or way. They see in the UN the same perennial human dream which has obsessed all great religions and philosophies, namely, the establishment of a peaceful, just, happy, harmonious world society. But there is one difference: while in the past all religions and philosophies were born within specific local, cultural contexts, today we are witnessing the birth of a new philosophy, ideology or ethics which originates from a central place of synthesis where all dreams, aspirations, claims and values of humankind converge. This is new. It constitutes one of the greatest and most exciting attempts at total human fulfillment in the entire evolution of the human race. There has never been anything like it. It is a magnificent story, the beginning of a profound world-wide transformation and transcendence of the human society, a new paradigm of the coming age. True enough, it is as yet a fragile and incomplete story, for the UN largely reflects the priorities and dominant values of our time. For the poorer countries these are food, health, shelter and education, without which there can be no decent life. First one must live, then one can philosophize. In the Western countries too, material, scientific, technological and intellectual achievements generally still occupy the highest priority. They live in an age of rationalism which believes that everything can be explained by scientific, rational means, and this is reflected in the United Nations. But increasingly there are voices which point to other values. U Thant, in particular, was the first great prophet who reminded us of the moral and spiritual dimensions of life and who firmly advocated the development of our moral and spiritual values in order to catch up with rapid technological and scientific advances. For him, the solution of many of our individual, national and international problems rested in the practice of truthfulness, integrity, tolerance, love and brotherhood. And beyond these moral virtues he felt that each individual carried in himself a fundamental question regarding our relationship with the universe and eternity. Hence the paramount place he accorded to spirituality. In his memoirs he wanted to show how spirituality and philosophy should lead, inspire and guide politics.

This point has not yet been reached in the United Nations, but year after year one can observe how moral and ethical issues are being brought to the world organization. A host of codes of ethics and conduct are being elaborated at the UN. The Charter itself is one of the boldest codes of ethics ever drafted for the behavior of very powerful institutions: armed nations. Although its rules are all too often broken by its members, it nurtures progressively a better behavior, a greater understanding and an improved general moral political atmosphere. Our scientific and industrial age has yielded incredible progress to the human race and we should be immensely grateful for it. But this success perhaps led us to believe that material achievement and intelligence were the apex of civilization. There no longer seemed to be any need for ethics, purity, morality, compassion, love and spirituality. This unnecessary poverty of our age is now being increasingly recognized. Humanity needs also to probe the immense possibilities of its heart and of its soul. This is the great new challenge which has been raised very forcefully by a younger generation tired of war, hatred, hypocrisy and injustices.

I have a Christ in my office. My colleague next door has a statue of Shiva. U Thant had a Buddha in his room. Each of us, be he from North or from South, from East or from West, has his own way of expressing faith in the human race and destiny. When a conflict breaks out any place on the globe, we are all in agreement that it must be stopped, that people cannot be allowed to kill each other, that life must be revered everywhere, that the human person is the supreme care of all our efforts. So, despite its imperfections, the UN is becoming one of the greatest and most beautiful sagas of modem times. King Paul of Greece saw it as a "cathedral where we can worship what is best in each other." Pope John Paul II said that we were the stonecutters and artisans of a cathedral which we might never see in its finished beauty. I would not have dreamed that when I joined the United Nations a third of a century ago. The scope of the UN has widened in every direction, owing to the imperatives of a new global, interdependent world. But people do not really know how vast and vital its activities are. The tapestry of its work encompasses the total condition of humankind on this planet. All this is part of one of the most prodigious pages of evolution. It will require the detachment and objectivity of future historians to appraise fully what happened in the last third of our century and to understand what the real significance of the United Nations was.

Meditation, prayer, dream, hope, vision, faith, guidance, foresight and planning all go hand in hand in so many ways. The tall Secretariat building of the UN is an edifice of human hope and dream jutting into the universe and receiving from that universe increasingly clearer messages. Perhaps the time has come when we will understand the full significance of our cosmic evolution. Year round people from all creeds and cultures gather at the UN to design a better future for the world. And they will succeed. Our children will know a better future, a more peaceful world, an unprecedented fulfillment of individual human life and consciousness.

Little by little, a planetary prayer book is thus being composed by an increasingly united humanity seeking its oneness, its happiness, its consciousness, its peace, its justice and its full participation in the continuous process of creation and miracle of life. Once again, but this time on a universal scale, humankind is seeking no less than its reunion with the "divine," its transcendence into ever higher forms of life. Hindus call our earth Brahma, or God, for they rightly see no difference between our earth and the divine. This ancient simple truth is slowly dawning again upon humanity. Its full flowering will be the real, great new story of humanity, as we are about to enter our cosmic age and to become what we were always meant to be: the planet of God.

[Emphasis Added]

Daniel's Prophecy (1999) pp.267-9 ch.15 The Rival Kings Enter the 20th Century


23 When the end of the second world war was in sight, another development occurred, just as God's angel had foretold. "They will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation." (Daniel 11:31b) Jesus had also spoken of "the disgusting thing." In the first century, it proved to be the Roman army that came to Jerusalem in 66 C.E. to put down Jewish rebellion.—Matthew 24:15; Daniel 9:27.

24 What "disgusting thing" has been "put in place" in modern times? Apparently, it is a "disgusting" counterfeit of God's Kingdom. This was the League of Nations, the scarlet-colored wild beast that went into the abyss, or ceased to exist as a world-peace organization, when World War II erupted. (Revelation 17:8) "The wild beast," however, was "to ascend out of the abyss." This it did when the United Nations, with 50 member nations including the former Soviet Union, was established on October 24, 1945. Thus "the disgusting thing" foretold by the angel—the United Nations—was put in place.

[Emphasis Added]

Daniel's Prophecy (1999) pp.281-2 ch.16 The Contending Kings Near Their End


23 Consider what the book of Revelation has to say about the end of Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion. Before "the war of the great day of God the Almighty," Armageddon, this great enemy of true worship "will be completely burned with fire." (Revelation 16:14, 16; 18:2-8) Her destruction is foreshadowed by the pouring out of the sixth bowl of God's wrath on the symbolic river Euphrates. The river is dried up so that "the way might be prepared for the kings from the rising of the sun." (Revelation 16:12) Who are these kings? None other than Jehovah God and Jesus Christ!—Compare Isaiah 41:2; 46:10, 11.

24 The destruction of Babylon the Great is graphically described in the book of Revelation, which states: "The ten horns that you saw [the kings ruling in the time of the end], and the wild beast [the United Nations], these will hate the harlot and will make her devastated and naked, and will eat up her fleshy parts and will completely burn her with fire." (Revelation 17:16) Why will the rulers destroy Babylon the Great? Because 'God puts it into their hearts to carry out his thought.' (Revelation 17:17) Included among these rulers is the king of the north. What he hears "out of the sunrising" may well refer to this act of Jehovah, when he puts it into the hearts of human leaders to annihilate the great religious harlot.

[Emphasis Added]

Daniel's Prophecy (1999) pp.297-303 ch.17 Identifying True Worshipers in the Time of the End

22 What, though, about the second condition—the "placing," or installation, of "the disgusting thing that is causing desolation"? As we saw in our discussion of Daniel 11:31, this disgusting thing was first the League of Nations and reemerged later as the United Nations. Both are disgusting in that they have been heralded as the only hope for peace on earth. Thus, in the hearts of many, these institutions actually take the place of God's Kingdom! The League was officially proposed in January 1919. At that time, then, both conditions of Daniel 12:11 were met. So the 1,290 days began in early 1919 and ran until the autumn (Northern Hemisphere) of 1922.

[Emphasis Added]

Watchtower 1995 October 1 pp.3-5 Fifty Years of Frustrated Efforts

Fifty Years of Frustrated Efforts

"WE THE PEOPLES OF THE UNITED NATIONS DETERMINED to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, . . ."—Preamble to the charter of the United Nations.

OCTOBER 24, 1995, marks the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. All 185 current member States are committed to the organization's original principles and goals as expressed in that charter: to maintain international peace and security; to suppress acts of aggression that threaten world peace; to encourage friendly relations among nations; to protect the fundamental freedoms of all peoples without discrimination based on race, sex, language, or religion; and to achieve international cooperation in solving economic, social, and cultural problems.

For 50 years the United Nations organization has made notable efforts to bring about world peace and security. Arguably, it may have prevented a third world war, and the wholesale destruction of human life through the use of nuclear bombs has not been repeated. The United Nations has provided millions of children with food and medicine. It has contributed to improved health standards in many countries, providing, among other things, safer drinking water and immunization against dangerous diseases. Millions of refugees have received humanitarian assistance.

In recognition of its accomplishments, the United Nations organization has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize five times. Yet, the lamentable fact of life is that we still do not live in a world without war.

Peace and Security—Unattained Goals

After 50 years of efforts, peace and security are still unattained goals. In a recent speech to the United Nations General Assembly, the president of the United States expressed his frustration by saying that "this century so full of hope and opportunity and achievement has also been an age of deep destruction and despair."

As 1994 closed, The New York Times observed: "Nearly 150 wars or skirmishes are in progress in which thousands of people are dying—more civilians than soldiers by most reckonings—and hundreds of thousands are becoming refugees." The United Nations Department of Public Information reported that since 1945 more than 20 million people have lost their lives as a result of armed conflicts. U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Madeleine Albright, noted that "regional conflicts are now in many ways more brutal." Violation of human rights and discrimination hit the news on a daily basis. Many nations seem to tolerate rather than befriend one another.

Sir David Hannay, Britain's ambassador to the United Nations, admitted that "the United Nations has been, up to the 1980s, fairly close to being an honorable failure." The secretary-general of the United Nations, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, lamented that there is a growing indifference and fatigue among member States when it comes to peacekeeping operations. He concluded that to many of the members, "the United Nations is not a priority number one."

The Media's Influence

As powerful as the United Nations may appear to be, its efforts are often thwarted by politics and the media. The United Nations is powerless if it lacks the support of its members. But without the public's approval, many UN members will not support the United Nations. For instance, according to The Wall Street Journal, the "spectacular failures in Somalia and Bosnia have persuaded many Americans that the organization isn't just wasteful, but actually dangerous." This attitude of the public has, in turn, persuaded some American politicians to propose reducing U.S. financial support of the United Nations.

News organizations are not shy when it comes to criticizing the United Nations severely. Terms like "total incompetence," "cumbersome," "inefficient," and "paralyzed" have been unreservedly used when describing various aspects of UN operations. The Washington Post National Weekly Edition recently stated that "the United Nations remains a slow-motion bureaucracy struggling to adapt to a real-time world."

Another newspaper quoted Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali as expressing his frustration with the Rwanda massacres. He said: "It is a failure not only for the United Nations; it is a failure for the international community. And all of us are responsible for this failure." A popular television news-special in 1993 stated that the United Nations "has failed to stop the greatest threat to peace—the spread of nuclear weapons." The TV program spoke of a United Nations that "for decades has been mostly talk."

This widespread feeling of disappointment weighs heavily on the minds of United Nations officials and adds to their frustration. Yet, despite the frustrations, at the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, many seem to have renewed optimism and are hoping for a fresh start. Although acknowledging the shortcomings of the United Nations, Ambassador Albright echoed the sentiments of many when she said: "We have to stop talking about where we've been, and we need to talk about where we're going."

Yes, where is the world going? Will there ever be a world without war? If so, what role will the United Nations play in it? Moreover, if you are God-fearing, you should ask, 'What role will God play in it?'

[Box on page 4]


Peace and security cannot exist as long as there are war, poverty, crime, and corruption. The United Nations recently released the following statistics.

Wars: "Of the 82 armed conflicts between 1989 and 1992, 79 were domestic, many along ethnic lines; 90 per cent of casualties were civilian."—United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI)

Weapons: "The ICRC [International Committee of the Red Cross] estimates more than 95 manufacturers in 48 countries are producing between 5 and 10 million anti-personnel mines each year."—United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

"In Africa, there are about 30 million mines scattered over 18 countries."—UNHCR

Poverty: "Worldwide, one out of every five people—more than one billion in all—live below the poverty line, and an estimated 13 million to 18 million die annually of poverty-related causes."—UNDPI

Crime: "Reported crime has grown at a world-wide average of 5 per cent each year since the 1980s; in the USA alone, there are 35 million crimes committed annually."—UNDPI

Corruption: "Public corruption is becoming commonplace. In some countries financial frauds are estimated to cost the equivalent of 10 per cent of the country's annual gross domestic product."—UNDPI

[Emphasis Added]

Watchtower 1995 October 1 pp.5-7 A World Without War—When?

A World Without War—When?

THE Charter of the United Nations went into effect on October 24, 1945. It is the most comprehensive strategy for world peace ever to be designed by humans. With its original 51 member States, the United Nations became the largest international organization in the history of the world. Also, for the first time ever, an international organization would have access to an army to enforce peace and security and bring about a world without war.

Today, with 185 member States, the United Nations is stronger than ever. Why, then, has the most powerful international organization in history failed to accomplish its noble objectives fully?

Religion—A Great Hindrance

One major complication is the role that religion plays in world affairs. True, ever since the inception of the United Nations, the principal religions of the world have pledged their support to that organization. Referring to its 50th anniversary, Pope John Paul II spoke of the United Nations as "the instrument par excellence for promoting and safeguarding peace." His sentiments are shared by a global community of religious leaders. But this tactful liaison between religion and government cannot hide the fact that religion has been a hindrance and a nuisance to the United Nations.

For centuries religion has played a prime role in promoting or supporting nationalistic hatred, wars, and genocides. In recent years, under the cloak of religious fervor, neighbors have killed one another. The term "ethnic cleansing" has been widely used in connection with the war in the Balkans. However, the violent hatred that many there have for one another is based on religious affiliation rather than on race, since most of them have the same ethnic roots. Yes, religion must accept much of the responsibility for the bloodbath in the former Yugoslavia, and the United Nations has not been able to stop it.

Appropriately, a college professor of religion recently stated that "in a post cold-war world of increasing religious militancies, an examination of religion and genocide may be one of our more pressing priorities, despite the discomfort it engenders." A new awareness of how religion is impeding the efforts for world peace is evident today.

A 1981 UN declaration stated: "Concerned by manifestations of intolerance and by the existence of discrimination in matters of religion or belief still in evidence in some areas of the world, Resolved to adopt all necessary measures for the speedy elimination of such intolerance in all its forms and manifestations and to prevent and combat discrimination on the ground of religion or belief."

In harmony with their declaration, the United Nations has declared 1995 to be the Year for Tolerance. Realistically speaking, though, will it ever be possible to achieve peace and security in a world divided by religion?

The Future of Religion

A prophecy in the Bible book of Revelation provides the answer. It speaks of a symbolic "great harlot" that sits as "a queen" and has "a kingdom over the kings of the earth." This harlot lives "in shameless luxury" and has relations with the world's governments. These governments are depicted as "a scarlet-colored wild beast," upon which the harlot rides in comfort. (Revelation 17:1-5, 18; 18:7) Known as "Babylon the Great," this powerful and immoral woman is named after ancient Babylon, the cradle of idolatrous religion. Appropriately, today the harlot represents all the world's religions, which have mingled in with the affairs of governments.

The account goes on to say that, in time, God will put it into the hearts of militaristic components of the wild beast to take action. These "will hate the harlot and will make her devastated and naked, and will eat up her fleshy parts and will completely burn her with fire." (Revelation 17:16) Thus Jehovah God himself will have taken the initiative by maneuvering powerful nations into a campaign to remove false religion. The worldwide religious system, with its luxurious temples and shrines, will be completely devastated. Religious hindrance to establishing peace and security will then be out of their way. But even then, will there be real peace and security on earth?

Imperfect Human Nature

Is there any guarantee that eliminating religion will really clear the way for a world without war? No. The United Nations will continue to face an ironic situation. On the one hand, people want peace and security. Yet, on the other hand, it is people who pose the greatest threat to peace and security. Hatred, pride, egotism, selfishness, and ignorance are human traits at the root of all conflicts and wars.—James 4:1-4.

The Bible foretold that in our day people would be "lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride."—2 Timothy 3:1-4.

Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali acknowledged that "the world is suffering from a social and moral crisis which, in many societies, is of immense proportions." No amount of diplomatic maneuvers can neutralize the harmful traits of imperfect human nature.—Compare Genesis 8:21; Jeremiah 17:9.

Jesus Christ—The Prince of Peace

Clearly, the United Nations does not have the ability to bring world peace. Its members and supporters are all imperfect humans, notwithstanding their lofty goals. The Bible says that "to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step." (Jeremiah 10:23) Furthermore, God warns: "Do not put your trust in nobles, nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs."—Psalm 146:3.

The Bible foretells what Jehovah will accomplish through his Son, the "Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6, 7 states: "There has been a child born to us, there has been a son given to us; and the princely rule will come to be upon his shoulder. And his name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. To the abundance of the princely rule and to peace there will be no end."

The nations of the world have been wearied by 50 years of frustrated efforts. Very soon they will destroy harlotlike religious organizations. Then Jesus Christ, the "King of kings and Lord of lords," and his army of heavenly warriors will dissolve all human governments and put to death all who reject God's sovereignty. (Revelation 19:11-21; compare Daniel 2:44.) By this means Jehovah God will bring about a world without war.


For an in-depth study of the prophecy of Revelation regarding Babylon the Great, see chapters 33 to 37 of the book Revelation—Its Grand Climax At Hand!, published in 1988 by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.

[Box on page 7]


In Bible prophecy, human governments are often symbolized by wild beasts. (Daniel 7:6, 12, 23; 8:20-22) Hence, for many decades the Watchtower magazine has identified the wild beasts of Revelation chapters 13 and 17 with today's worldly governments. This includes the United Nations, which is depicted in Revelation chapter 17 as a scarlet-colored beast with seven heads and ten horns.

However, this Scriptural position does not condone any form of disrespect toward governments or their officials. The Bible clearly states: "Let every soul be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God; the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God. Therefore he who opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God; those who have taken a stand against it will receive judgment to themselves."—Romans 13:1, 2.

Accordingly, Jehovah's Witnesses, who are maintaining strict political neutrality, do not interfere with human governments. They never foment revolution or participate in acts of civil disobedience. Rather, they recognize that some form of government is necessary to maintain law and order in human society.—Romans 13:1-7; Titus 3:1.

Jehovah's Witnesses view the United Nations organization as they do other governmental bodies of the world. They acknowledge that the United Nations continues to exist by God's permission. In harmony with the Bible, Jehovah's Witnesses render due respect to all governments and obey them as long as such obedience does not require that they sin against God.—Acts 5:29.

[Emphasis Added]

Proclaimers (1993) pp.192-3 ch.14 "They Are No Part of the World"

Once again, following World War II, Christians were faced with a similar issue. This time, it involved the United Nations, successor to the League. While World War II was still under way, in 1942, Jehovah's Witnesses had already discerned from the Bible, at Revelation 17:8, that the world peace organization would rise again, also that it would fail to bring lasting peace. This was explained by N. H. Knorr, then president of the Watch Tower Society, in the convention discourse "Peace—Can It Last?" Boldly Jehovah's Witnesses proclaimed that view of the developing world situation. On the other hand, Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish leaders actually shared in the deliberations in San Francisco in 1945 during which the UN Charter was drafted. To observers of these developments, it was plain who wanted to be "a friend of the world" and who was endeavoring to be "no part of the world," as Jesus had said would be true of his disciples.—Jas. 4:4; John 17:14.

[Emphasis Added]

Proclaimers (1993) pp.707-8 ch.31 How Chosen and Led by God

In addition to their view of the Bible, in what other ways did the early Bible Students associated with Russell stand out as different? Certainly in the zeal that they manifested in sharing their beliefs with others, with special emphasis on proclaiming God's name and Kingdom. Though they were relatively few in number, they quickly reached out into scores of lands with the good news. Were they also truly no part of the world, as followers of Christ? In some respects, yes. But their awareness of the responsibility involved in this has grown since World War I, until now it has become an outstanding characteristic of Jehovah's Witnesses. It should not be overlooked that when other religious groups were hailing the League of Nations and, later, the United Nations, Jehovah's Witnesses proclaimed God's Kingdom - not any man-made organization as mankind's only hope.

[Emphasis Added]

Greatest Man (1991) p.111 Sign of the Last Days

In the major fulfillment of the sign, the disgusting thing is the League of Nations and its successor, the United Nations. This organization for world peace is viewed by Christendom as a substitute for God's Kingdom. How disgusting! In time, therefore, the political powers associated with the UN will turn on Christendom (antitypical Jerusalem) and will desolate her.

[Emphasis Added]

Mankind's Search for God (1990) p.370 ch.16 The True God and Your Future

Time to Flee From False Religion

10 What does the Bible foretell will be the final destiny of this globe-encircling harlot? In symbolic language, the book of Revelation describes her destruction at the hands of political elements. These are symbolized by "ten horns" that support the United Nations, "a scarlet-colored wild beast" that is the image of Satan's bloodstained political system.—Revelation 16:2; 17:3-16.

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) p.72 ch.13 Buy Gold Refined by Fire

20 Jesus' loving exhortation to the Laodiceans has great significance for the remaining anointed Christians today. Some of these remember that, as the Lord's day began, Christendom's religionists were lukewarm to an appalling degree. Instead of welcoming our Lord's return in 1914, her clergy got embroiled in the slaughter of World War I, in which 24 of the 28 contending nations claimed to be Christian. How great their bloodguilt! During World War II, which was also fought largely in Christendom, false religion's sins again "massed together clear up to heaven." (Revelation 18:5) Further, the clergy have turned their back on Jehovah's incoming Kingdom by supporting the League of Nations, the United Nations, and nationalistic, revolutionary movements, none of which can solve mankind's problems. Jesus has long since rejected the clergy, judging them adversely and throwing them away, just as a fisherman disposes of unsuitable fish caught in his dragnet. The miserable plight of Christendom's churches today testifies to that judgment of her. May her eventual fate serve as a warning to us!—Matthew 13:47-50.

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) p.94 ch.16 Four Horsemen at the Gallop!

[Box on page 94]

"Granted to Take Peace Away From the Earth"

Where is technology leading? The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada, January 22, 1987, reported the following from a speech by Ivan L. Head, president of the International Development Research Centre: "It is reliably estimated that one out of every four scientists and technologists in the world engaged in research and development is working on weapons. . . . At 1986 rates, the expenditure is more than $1.5-million a minute. . . . Are we all more secure as a result of this kind of technological emphasis? The nuclear arsenals possessed by the superpowers contain the explosive force of all the munitions expended by all the combatants in all of the Second World War—times 6,000. Six thousand Second World Wars. Since 1945, there have been less than seven weeks when the world has been free of military activity. There have been more than 150 wars of an international or a civil nature, which are estimated to have claimed 19.3 million lives, most of them as the result of the efficient new technologies that have emerged in this era of the United Nations."

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) p.107 ch.18 Earthquakes in the Lord's Day

Jehovah Does Some Shaking

10 Such tremors in human affairs are the result of man's inability to direct his own step. (Jeremiah 10:23) Moreover, that old Serpent, Satan, "who is misleading the entire inhabited earth," is inflicting woes in his last-ditch effort to turn all mankind away from the worship of Jehovah. Modern technology has caused the earth to shrink into a single neighborhood, where nationalistic and racial hatreds are shaking human society to its foundations, and the United Nations, so-called, can find no effective cure. As never before, man is dominating man to his injury. (Revelation 12:9, 12; Ecclesiastes 8:9) Nevertheless, the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, Maker of heaven and earth, has been doing his own kind of shaking over the past 70 years, in preparation for solving earth's problems once and for all. How so?

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) pp.118-9 ch.19 Sealing the Israel of God

17 It was obvious that Jewry, as a people and as a nation, was not the Israel described in Revelation 7:4-8 or other Bible prophecies related to the Lord's day. Following tradition, the Jews continued to avoid using the divine name. (Matthew 15:1-3, 7-9) In discussing Jeremiah 31:31-34, the book Jehovah, published by the Watch Tower Society in 1934, stated conclusively: "The new covenant has nothing to do with the natural descendants of Israel and with mankind in general, but . . . is limited to spiritual Israel." The Bible's restoration prophecies relate neither to the natural Jews nor to political Israel, which is a member of the United Nations and a part of the world that Jesus spoke of at John 14:19, 30 and John 18:36.

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) pp.191-2 ch.28 Contending With Two Ferocious Beasts

18 Historian Charles L. Mee, Jr., writes: "The collapse of the old order [caused by the first world war] was a necessary prelude to the spread of self-rule, the liberation of new nations and classes, the release of new freedom and independence." Leading in the development of this postwar era was the seventh head of the wild beast, now healed, and with the United States of America moving into the dominant role. The dual world power took the lead in advocating both the League of Nations and the United Nations. By the 1980's, U.S. political power had led the more privileged nations in creating a higher standard of living, in fighting disease, and in advancing technology. It had even placed 12 men on the moon. It is no wonder, therefore, that mankind in general has "followed the wild beast with admiration."

19 Mankind has even gone beyond admiring the wild beast, as John next states: "And they worshiped the dragon because it gave the authority to the wild beast, and they worshiped the wild beast with the words: 'Who is like the wild beast, and who can do battle with it?'" (Revelation 13:4) While Jesus was here on earth, Satan claimed to have authority over all the kingdoms of the earth. Jesus did not dispute this; in fact, he himself referred to Satan as the ruler of the world and refused to participate in the politics of that day. John later wrote of true Christians: "We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." (1 John 5:19; Luke 4:5-8; John 6:15; 14:30) Satan delegates authority to the wild beast, and he does this on a nationalistic basis. Thus, instead of being united in bonds of godly love, mankind has become divided by pride of tribe, race, and nation. The great majority of people worship, in effect, that part of the wild beast having authority in the land where they happen to live. Thus the whole beast gains admiration and worship.

20 Worship in what sense? In the sense of putting love of country ahead of love of God. Most people love the land of their birth. As good citizens, true Christians also respect the rulers and the emblems of the country where they reside, obey the laws, and make a positive contribution to the welfare of their community and their neighbors. (Romans 13:1-7; 1 Peter 2:13-17) They cannot, however, give blind devotion to one country as against all others. "Our country, right or wrong" is not a Christian teaching. So Christians who worship Jehovah God cannot share in giving prideful patriotic worship to any part of the wild beast, for this would amount to worshiping the dragon—the source of authority of the beast. They cannot ask admiringly: "Who is like the wild beast?" Rather, they follow the example of Michael—his name meaning "Who Is Like God?"—as they uphold Jehovah's universal sovereignty. At God's appointed time, this Michael, Christ Jesus, will do battle with the wild beast and conquer it, even as he triumphed in expelling Satan from heaven.—Revelation 12:7-9; 19:11, 19-21.

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) p.195 ch.28 Contending With Two Ferocious Beasts

31 Since World War II, the image of the wild beast—now manifested as the United Nations organization—has already killed in a literal way. For example, in 1950 a UN force took the field in the war between North Korea and South Korea. The UN force, along with the South Koreans, killed an estimated 1,420,000 North Koreans and Chinese. Similarly, from 1960 to 1964, United Nations armies were active in the Congo (now Zaire). Moreover, world leaders, including popes Paul VI and John Paul II, have continued to affirm that this image is man's last and best hope for peace. If mankind fails to serve it, they insist, the human race will destroy itself. They thus figuratively cause to be killed all humans who refuse to go along with the image and worship it.—Compare Deuteronomy 5:8, 9.

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) pp.209-10 ch.30 "Babylon the Great Has Fallen!"

Endurance for the Holy Ones

13 Now the third angel speaks. Listen! "And another angel, a third, followed them, saying in a loud voice: 'If anyone worships the wild beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead or upon his hand, he will also drink of the wine of the anger of God that is poured out undiluted into the cup of his wrath.'" (Revelation 14:9, 10a) At Revelation 13:16, 17, it was revealed that during the Lord's day those who do not worship the image of the wild beast would suffer—even be killed. Now we learn that Jehovah has determined to bring to judgment those "having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name." They will be forced to drink a bitter 'cup of wrath' of Jehovah's anger. What will this mean for them? In 607 B.C.E., when Jehovah forced Jerusalem to drink "his cup of rage," the city experienced "despoiling and breakdown, and hunger and sword" at the hands of the Babylonians. (Isaiah 51:17, 19) Similarly, when idolizers of earth's political powers and their image, the United Nations, get to drink the cup of Jehovah's wrath, the result will be a calamity for them. (Jeremiah 25:17, 32, 33) They will be utterly destroyed.

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) pp.221-3 ch.32 God's Anger Brought to a Finish

3 In these last days, many governments have demanded what amounts to worship from their subjects, insisting that the State must be exalted above God or any other loyalty. (2 Timothy 3:1; compare Luke 20:25; John 19:15.) Since 1914 it has become common for nations to conscript their youth in order for them to fight, or be ready to fight, the kind of total warfare that has so bloodied the pages of modern history. During the Lord's day, the nations have also produced, as a substitute for God's Kingdom, the image of the beast—the League of Nations and its successor, the United Nations. What blasphemy to proclaim, as recent popes have done, that this man-made body is the nations' sole hope for peace! It staunchly opposes God's Kingdom. Those who worship it become spiritually unclean, ulcerated, just as the Egyptians who opposed Jehovah in Moses' day were plagued by literal sores and ulcers.—Exodus 9:10, 11.

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) pp.240-2 ch.33 Judging the Infamous Harlot

16 What, then, is this new scarlet-colored wild beast? It must be the image to the wild beast that was brought forth under the urging of the Anglo-American wild beast that has two horns like a lamb. After the image was made, that two-horned wild beast was allowed to give breath to the image of the wild beast. (Revelation 13:14, 15) John now sees the living, breathing image. It pictures the League of Nations organization that the two-horned wild beast brought to life in 1920. U.S. President Wilson had envisioned that the League "would be a forum for the dispensation of justice for all men and wipe out the threat of war forever." When it was resurrected after the second world war as the United Nations, its chartered purpose was "to maintain international peace and security."

17 In what way is this symbolic wild beast full of blasphemous names? In that men have set up this multinational idol as a substitute for God's Kingdom—to accomplish what God says his Kingdom alone can accomplish. (Daniel 2:44; Matthew 12:18, 21) What is remarkable about John's vision, though, is that Babylon the Great is riding the scarlet-colored wild beast. True to the prophecy, Babylonish religion, particularly in Christendom, has linked itself with the League of Nations and its successor. As early as December 18, 1918, the body now known as the National Council of the Churches of Christ in America adopted a declaration that declared in part: "Such a League is not a mere political expedient; it is rather the political expression of the Kingdom of God on earth. . . . The Church can give a spirit of good-will, without which no League of Nations can endure. . . . The League of Nations is rooted in the Gospel. Like the Gospel, its objective is 'peace on earth, good-will toward men.'"


21 What of the League's successor, the United Nations? From its inception, this body has also had the great harlot riding on its back, visibly associated with it and trying to guide its destiny. For example, on its 20th anniversary, in June 1965, representatives of the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church, together with Protestants, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims—said to represent two thousand million of earth's population—assembled in San Francisco to celebrate their support and admiration of the UN. On visiting the UN in October 1965, Pope Paul VI described it as "that greatest of all international organizations" and added: "The peoples of the earth turn to the United Nations as the last hope of concord and peace." Another papal visitor, Pope John Paul II, addressing the UN in October 1979, said: "I hope the United Nations will ever remain the supreme forum of peace and justice." Significantly, the pope made no mention of Jesus Christ or of God's Kingdom in his speech. During his visit to the United States in September 1987, as reported by The New York Times, "John Paul spoke at length about the positive role of the United Nations in promoting . . . 'new worldwide solidarity.'"

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) pp.248-51 ch.34 An Awesome Mystery Solved

Ascending out of the Abyss

6 The scarlet-colored wild beast did indeed climb out of the abyss. On June 26, 1945, with noisy fanfare in San Francisco, U.S.A., 50 nations voted to accept the Charter of the United Nations organization. This body was "to maintain international peace and security." There were many similarities between the League and the UN. The World Book Encyclopedia notes: "In some ways, the UN resembles the League of Nations, which was organized after World War I . . . Many of the nations that founded the UN had also founded the League. Like the League, the UN was established to help keep peace between nations. The main organs of the UN are much like those of the League." The UN, then, is actually a revival of the scarlet-colored wild beast. Its membership of over 150 nations far exceeds that of the League's 63; it has also taken on broader responsibilities than its predecessor.

7 At first, great hopes were expressed for the UN. This was in fulfillment of the angel's words: "And when they see how the wild beast was, but is not, and yet will be present, those who dwell on the earth will wonder admiringly, but their names have not been written upon the scroll of life from the founding of the world." (Revelation 17:8b) Earth's dwellers have admired this new colossus, operating from its imposing headquarters on New York's East River. But true peace and security have eluded the UN. In this diabolical nuclear age, world peace has been maintained only by the threat of "mutual assured destruction"—MAD, as it is abbreviated—and the arms race has continued to escalate astronomically. After almost 40 years of effort by the United Nations, its secretary-general, Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, lamented in 1985: "We are living in another age of fanatics, and we don't know what to do about it."

8 The UN does not have the answers. And why? Because the Giver of life to all mankind is not the UN's life-giver. Its life span will be short, for according to God's decree, "it is to go off into destruction." The UN's founders and admirers do not have their names recorded in God's scroll of life. How could sinful, mortal men, many of whom mock God's name, achieve through the UN what Jehovah God has declared he is about to accomplish, not by human means, but through the Kingdom of his Christ?—Daniel 7:27; Revelation 11:15.

9 The UN is actually a blasphemous counterfeit of God's Messianic Kingdom by his Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ—to whose princely rule there will be no end. (Isaiah 9:6, 7) Even if the UN were to patch up some temporary peace, wars would soon erupt again. This is in the nature of sinful men. "Their names have not been written upon the scroll of life from the founding of the world." Jehovah's Kingdom by Christ will not only establish eternal peace on earth but, on the basis of Jesus' ransom sacrifice, raise the dead, the righteous and the unrighteous who are in God's memory. (John 5:28, 29; Acts 24:15) This includes everyone who has remained steadfast despite the attacks of Satan and his seed, and others who have yet to show themselves obedient. Obviously, God's scroll of life will never contain the names of die-hard adherents of Babylon the Great or of any who continued to worship the wild beast.—Exodus 32:33; Psalm 86:8-10; John 17:3; Revelation 16:2; 17:5.

Peace and Security—A Vain Hope

10 In an effort to bolster the hopes of mankind, the United Nations proclaimed 1986 to be an "International Year of Peace," with the theme "To Safeguard Peace and the Future of Humanity." Warring nations were called upon to lay down their weapons, at least for one year. What was their response? According to a report by the International Peace Research Institute, more than five million soldiers were killed in combat during 1986 alone! Though some special coins and commemorative stamps were issued, most of the nations did little about pursuing the ideal of peace in that year. Nevertheless, the world's religions—always anxious for a fine rapport with the UN—set about publicizing the year in various ways. On January 1, 1986, Pope John Paul II praised the work of the UN and dedicated the new year to peace. And on October 27, he assembled the leaders of many of the world's religions at Assisi, Italy, to pray for peace.

11 Does God answer such prayers for peace? Well, to which God were those religious leaders praying? If you asked them, each group would give a different answer. Is there a pantheon of millions of gods that can hear and grant petitions made in many different ways? Many of the participants worshiped Christendom's Trinity. Buddhists, Hindus, and others chanted prayers to gods without number. In all, 12 "religious families" assembled, being represented by such notables as the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Buddhism's Dalai Lama, a Russian Orthodox metropolitan, the president of Tokyo's Shinto Shrine Association, African animists, and two American Indians decked out in plumed headdresses. It was a colorful group, to say the least, making for spectacular TV coverage. One group prayed unceasingly for 12 hours at one time. (Compare Luke 20:45-47.) But did any of those prayers reach beyond the rain clouds that hovered over the gathering? No, for the following reasons:

12 In contrast with those who "walk in the name of Jehovah," not one of those religionists was praying to Jehovah, the living God, whose name appears some 7,000 times in the original text of the Bible. (Micah 4:5; Isaiah 42:8, 12) As a group, they did not approach God in the name of Jesus, the majority of them not even believing in Jesus Christ. (John 14:13; 15:16) None of them are doing God's will for our day, which is to proclaim worldwide God's incoming Kingdom—not the UN—as the real hope for mankind. (Matthew 7:21-23; 24:14; Mark 13:10) For the most part, their religious organizations have been involved in the bloody wars of history, including the two world wars of this century. To such, God says: "Even though you make many prayers, I am not listening; with bloodshed your very hands have become filled."—Isaiah 1:15; 59:1-3.

13 Further, it is deeply significant that the world's religious leaders should join hands with the United Nations in calling for peace at this time. They would like to influence the UN to their own advantage, especially in this modern age when so many of their people are abandoning religion. Like the unfaithful leaders in ancient Israel, they call out, "'There is peace! There is peace!' when there is no peace." (Jeremiah 6:14) No doubt their cries for peace will continue, rising in support of the climax concerning which the apostle Paul prophesied: "Jehovah's day is coming exactly as a thief in the night. Whenever it is that they are saying: 'Peace and security!' then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape."—1 Thessalonians 5:2,3.

14 What form will this significant cry of "Peace and security!" take? It is here mentioned as being outstanding just before the sudden destruction of those making the cry. Hence, it will have to be something more pronounced than any previous declarations by world leaders. No doubt it will be on an earth-wide scale. Yet, it will be no more than a facade. Underneath, nothing will really have changed. Selfishness, hatred, crime, family breakdown, immorality, sickness, sorrow, and death will still be here. That is why the coming cry will mislead those who are not awake to Bible prophecy. But it need not mislead you, if you have been awake to the meaning of world events and have heeded the prophetic warnings in God's Word.—Mark 13:32-37; Luke 21:34-36.

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) pp.253-4 ch.35 Executing Babylon the Great

Why Called an Eighth King?

8 The angel further explains to John: "And the wild beast that was but is not, it is also itself an eighth king, but springs from the seven, and it goes off into destruction." (Revelation 17:11) The symbolic scarlet-colored wild beast "springs from" the seven heads; that is, it is born from, or owes its existence to, those heads of the original "wild beast . . . out of the sea," of which the scarlet-colored wild beast is an image. In what way? Well, in 1919 the Anglo-American power was the ascendant head. The previous six heads had fallen, and the position of dominant world power had passed to this dual head and was now centered in it. This seventh head, as the current representative of the line of world powers, was the moving force in establishing the League of Nations and is still the major promoter and financial support of the United Nations. Thus, in symbol, the scarlet-colored wild beast—the eighth king—"springs from" the original seven heads. Viewed in this way, the statement that it sprang from the seven harmonizes well with the earlier revelation that the wild beast with two horns like a lamb (the Anglo-American World Power, the seventh head of that original wild beast) urged the making of the image and gave it life.—Revelation 13:1, 11, 14, 15.

9 Additionally, original members of the League of Nations included, along with Great Britain, governments that ruled in the seats of some of the previous heads, namely Greece, Iran (Persia), and Italy (Rome). Eventually, governments ruling the territory controlled by the previous six world powers came to be supportive members of the image of the wild beast. In this sense, too, it could be said that this scarlet-colored wild beast sprang from the seven world powers.

10 Notice that the scarlet-colored wild beast "is also itself an eighth king." Thus, the United Nations today is designed to look like a world government. At times it has even acted like one, sending armies into the field to resolve international disputes, as in Korea, the Sinai Peninsula, some African countries, and Lebanon. But it is only the image of a king. Like a religious image, it has no real influence or power apart from what is invested in it by those who brought it into existence and worship it. On occasion, this symbolic wild beast looks weak; but it has never experienced the kind of wholesale abandonment by dictator-oriented members that sent the League of Nations reeling into the abyss. (Revelation 17:8) Though holding radically different opinions in other areas, a prominent Soviet leader in 1987 joined the popes of Rome in expressing support for the UN. He even called for "a comprehensive system of international security" based on the UN. As John soon learns, the time will come when the UN will act with considerable authority. Then it, in its turn, "goes off into destruction."

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) pp.254-5 ch.35 Executing Babylon the Great

12 The ten horns depict all the political powers that presently hold sway on the world scene and that support the image of the wild beast. Very few of the countries that now exist were known in John's day. And those that were, such as Egypt and Persia (Iran), today have an entirely different political setup. Hence, in the first century, the 'ten horns had not yet received a kingdom.' But now in the Lord's day, they have "a kingdom," or political authority. With the collapse of the great colonial empires, particularly since the second world war, many new nations have been born. These, as well as the longer-established powers, must rule with the wild beast for a short period—just "one hour"—before Jehovah brings an end to all worldly political authority at Armageddon.

13 Today, nationalism is one of the strongest forces motivating these ten horns. They have "one thought" in that they want to preserve their national sovereignty rather than accept God's Kingdom. This was their purpose in subscribing to the League of Nations and the United Nations organization in the first place—to preserve world peace and thus safeguard their own existence. Such an attitude ensures that the horns will oppose the Lamb, the "Lord of lords and King of kings," because Jehovah has purposed that his Kingdom under Jesus Christ will shortly replace all these kingdoms.—Daniel 7:13, 14; Matthew 24:30; 25:31-33, 46.

[Emphasis Added]

Revelation — Its Grand Climax at Hand (1988) pp.257-8 ch.35 Executing Babylon the Great

20 Again Jehovah uses human rulers in executing judgment. "For God put it into their hearts to carry out his thought, even to carry out their one thought by giving their kingdom to the wild beast, until the words of God will have been accomplished." (Revelation 17:17) What is God's "thought"? To arrange for the executioners of Babylon the Great to band together, in order to destroy her completely. Of course, the rulers' motive in attacking her will be to carry out their own "one thought." They will feel that it is in their nationalistic interests to turn upon the great harlot. They may come to view the continued existence of organized religion within their boundaries as a threat to their sovereignty. But Jehovah will actually be maneuvering matters; they will carry out his thought by destroying his age-old, adulterous enemy at one stroke!—Compare Jeremiah 7:8-11, 34.

21 Yes, the nations will use the scarlet-colored wild beast, the United Nations, in destroying Babylon the Great. They do not act on their own initiative, for Jehovah puts it into their hearts "even to carry out their one thought by giving their kingdom to the wild beast." When the time comes, the nations will evidently see the need to strengthen the United Nations. They will give it teeth, as it were, lending it whatever authority and power they possess so that it can turn upon false religion and fight successfully against her "until the words of God will have been accomplished." Thus, the ancient harlot will come to her complete end. And good riddance to her!

22 As if to emphasize the certainty of Jehovah's execution of judgment on the world empire of false religion, the angel concludes his testimony by saying: "And the woman whom you saw means the great city that has a kingdom over the kings of the earth." (Revelation 17:18) Like Babylon of Belshazzar's time, Babylon the Great has "been weighed in the balance and found wanting." (Daniel 5:27, The New English Bible) Her execution will be swift and final. And how do Jehovah's Witnesses respond to the unraveling of the mystery of the great harlot and of the scarlet-colored wild beast? They show zeal in proclaiming Jehovah's day of judgment, while answering "with graciousness" sincere searchers for truth. (Colossians 4:5, 6; Revelation 17:3, 7) As our next chapter will show, all who are desirous of surviving when the great harlot is executed must act, and act quickly!

[Emphasis Added]

Babylon The Great Has Fallen! — God's Kingdom Rules, Watchtower, 1963, p. 577


[Caption:] Babylon the Great rides the scarlet-colored wild beast

[Emphasis Added]

Watchtower 1976 December 1 pp.709-11 Can an Image Bring Peace and Security?

Can an Image Bring Peace and Security?

HOW do you react to the question, 'Can an image bring peace and security'? Do you think it strange that such a question would be raised? Who would even claim that an image could bring an end to war?

There is an image, however, that has been looked to for more than thirty years as man's best hope for peace. It is not some figure of a human or an animal but is an international organization. As an image that organization is a reflection of the way the world is. What is that organization? It is the United Nations. The Philadelphia Inquirer quoted a U.S. official as saying regarding it: "The U.N. is a mirror of the world the way it is-not the way we'd like it to be." Dag Hammarskjold, as secretary-general of the United Nations, used to express the same thought.

The amazing thing about this is that the Bible pointed forward to the coming into existence of such an image, mirror or reflection of the worldwide political system. By examining what the Bible says, we gain advance knowledge of what role the United Nations will yet play in world affairs. There is tremendous value in making this knowledge our own, as it can help us to take a wise course in this critical period of human history.


The Bible book of Revelation uses symbolism when depicting developments in world affairs. The meaning of what is stated can be ascertained with the help of other parts of the Bible and the actual events of history.

A symbolic description that fits the United Nations is found at Revelation 13:14, 15, where we read of the 'making of an image to the wild beast.' That wild beast is earlier described as being "like a leopard" and as having "seven heads" and "ten horns" (each topped with a diadem), 'feet as those of a bear,' and a lionlike mouth.—Rev. 13:1, 2.

In the prophecy of Daniel, mention is made of four beasts—a lion, a bear, a leopard and a fearsome beast with ten horns—each beast representing a 'king' or 'kingdom.' (Dan. 7:4-7, 17, 23) The "wild beast" of Revelation thus has features of the beasts of Daniel's prophecy. On this basis, The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible draws the following conclusion: "The first of these beasts [of Revelation chapter 13] combines in itself the joint characteristics of the four beasts of Daniel's vision . . . Accordingly, this first beast represents the combined forces of all political rule opposed to God in the world."—Vol. 1, p. 369.

In having representations from many nations, the United Nations most certainly is an image, reflection or mirror of these political rulerships governing mankind.


Evidently the image of the wild beast is later referred to at Revelation 17:3 as a "scarlet-colored wild beast." Like the "wild beast" of Revelation 13:1, 2, the "scarlet-colored wild beast" has "seven heads, and ten horns." So it reflects or mirrors the chief features of the "wild beast." However, the horns of the "scarlet-colored wild beast" are not topped with diadems. This is appropriate, since the "scarlet-colored wild beast" does not picture the entire system of political rulership as it has been progressively exercised by seven world powers. Instead, according to Revelation 17:11, the scarlet-colored beast is "an eighth king, but springs from the seven." This agrees with the fact that the great powers or remnants thereof that once ruled vast territories are represented in the United Nations. As a unit, the United Nations acts as a "king," with authority comparable to that exercised by a ruler.


The Bible, however, does not say that this "eighth king" will bring about true peace and security. It points to a bleak future for the "scarlet-colored wild beast," saying that it will 'go off into destruction.'(Rev. 17:11) While not able to bring about lasting peace, the United Nations may, however, figure in the development of things to the point where people will be saying: "Peace and security!"

Wise will be those who are not deceived by such a cry.Why so? The Bible answers: "Whenever it is that they are saying: 'Peace and security!' then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape."—1 Thess. 5:3.

The only way for anyone to escape this calamity is to remain separate from human schemes to bring "peace and security" in a way that ignores God and his Word. This is evident from what the Bible next says to true Christians: "You, brothers, you are not in darkness, so that that day should overtake you as it would thieves."—1 Thess. 5:4.

Some persons may reason that they have nothing to worry about. Being members of a religious organization, they may feel that they will not be overtaken by calamity. But this can be very dangerous reasoning. The Bible shows that not all religion is approved by God. In a letter to fellow believers, the Christian disciple James wrote: "The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation, and to keep oneself without spot from the world." (Jas. 1:27) "Adulteresses, do you not know that the friendship with the world is enmity with God?" (Jas. 4:4) So, then, nominally Christian religious organizations that do not remain clean from the world's ways, attitudes and actions are harlots or prostitutes from God's standpoint. They are unfaithful to the God whom they claim as their Lord.

Hence, it is of interest to note that the Holy Scriptures speak about a harlot in connection with the "scarlet-colored wild beast." We read: "I caught sight of a woman sitting upon a scarlet-colored wild beast that was full of blasphemous names and that had seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and was adorned with gold and precious stone and pearls and had in her hand a golden cup that was full of disgusting things and the unclean things of her fornication. And upon her forehead was written a name, a mystery: 'Babylon the Great, the mother of the harlots and of the disgusting things of the earth.'"—Rev. 17:3-5.

What about the world's religious systems as a whole? Do they act like the harlot "Babylon the Great"? Have they looked to the United Nations as man's only hope for peace and security and, hence, as needed for their own preservation? Do these religious systems, then, not depend upon the United Nations as does a rider upon his horse? The facts speak for themselves.

The Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches, with a membership of over 250 churches, have repeatedly declared the United Nations to be "the chief temporal hope for world peace." The New Catholic Encyclopedia states: "Recent pontiffs have stressed the necessity of international organization and the principles that should guide it, and have praised the UN for its purposes and various programs and accomplishments. The Holy See maintains a permanent observer at the UN and contributes financial as well as moral support to many of its economic, social, scientific, cultural, and humanitarian programs. It participates as a full member or observer in a number of Specialized Agencies and participates in diplomatic and other conferences called by the UN. Sixteen Catholic international organizations contribute formally to the work of ECOSOC and various Specialized Agencies through the medium of consultative status with these bodies, and Catholic groups and individuals in various countries contribute to the formation of national policy and action with regard to the UN."Vol. 14, p. 423.

Will all such friendliness with the world be of real benefit to any religious system? No, the Bible declares that "Babylon the Great," the harlotrous religious empire, will experience a great shock. Revelation 17:16 says: "The ten horns that you saw, and the wild beast, these will hate the harlot and will make her devastated and naked, and will eat up her fleshy parts and will completely burn her with fire."

So there is real danger in becoming involved with the "scarlet-colored wild beast." Never will it bring real peace and security. But it will unleash destructive fury against the religious systems who have looked to it as man's "chief temporal hope for world peace." This should not come as a surprise. Even now many members of the United Nations openly state that they are anti-God. In turning against religion, the "scarlet-colored wild beast" and its "ten horns" will, therefore, not be acting out of any love for the Most High. Its going against religion will be an expression of an anti-God attitude. So even if it does bring about a semblance of peace and security, it will merit destruction for setting itself up in total opposition to Jehovah God. For that reason those who join in any U.N. cry of "Peace and security!" face disaster, even if they are not in sympathy with "Babylon the Great."

Are you acting in harmony with this advance knowledge? Have you separated yourself from the world's ways, attitudes and actions? Are you proving that you look to God's kingdom by Christ as the only means for bringing about lasting peace and security? Only by continuing to do these things can you hope to escape entanglements that could mean your losing God's approval and life itself.

[Emphasis Added]

Watchtower October 15, 2023 pp.629-639 Around the World with the "Everlasting Good News" Assembly

Around the World with the "Everlasting Good News" Assembly



Saturday was a momentous day at Yankee Stadium, for the conventioners had been asked in advance to be in their seats early Saturday afternoon for a special program. After the Society's vice-president, F. W. Franz, explained "Why We Should All Join in a Resolution," he proposed that a Resolution be presented by President Knorr. This resolution was adopted by 84,890 conventioners at New York city. For the Around-the-World Assembly there was a total of 444,374 persons who adopted it.

This Resolution stressed that Jehovah's witnesses recognize that the one true God is Jehovah, that the Bible is his written Word, that Jehovah God is the Sovereign of the Universe, that men and nations have set up the United Nations rather than surrender to the sovereignty of God's Messianic Kingdom, and that though nations have given idolatrous worship to that political image, this Jehovah's witnesses refuse to do. The Resolution showed that radical governments have been formed, but that "We, as witnesses of God, the Source of life, will maintain our Christian steadfastness and have no part in such radical movements, but will hold fast to our Christian neutrality toward all radical and other types of human government over earth." It stressed that the nations are being led by invisible wicked spirits to Armageddon, but that "we will not march with them to Har-Magedon, for we refuse to fight against God Almighty and his kingdom." Jehovah's witnesses, it was resolved, will continue to declare to all the 'everlasting good news' concerning God's Messianic Kingdom.

Following the adoption of the Resolution, Knorr spoke on the subject "Execution of Divine Judgment upon False Religion." Here he stressed that the Bible teaches only one true religion, that the Devil is the source of false religion, which began in the ancient city of Babylon, founded by Nimrod who set himself in opposition to Jehovah God. After the confounding of the language of the builders of the Tower of Babel, men spread out to all parts of the earth, carrying with them their false Babylonish religious ideas. The identity of the mysterious Babylon the Great of the book of Revelation was revealed. It is a symbol for the world empire of false religion based on Babylon's religion, be this professed Christian or pagan. What applause when Knorr announced that hundreds of thousands of persons have already forsaken her and are now preaching God's kingdom, yes, to the number of 1,028,986 from 194 different lands during last April!

[Emphasis Added]

The Resolution presented at "Everlasting Good News" assemblies 1963

WE JEHOVAH'S witnesses, met together in [City, State, Country], in one of the "Everlasting Good News" assemblies being held in a continuous chain around the whole world this year of 1963, do this day declare and resolve as follows:

2 THAT the one living and true God, the Creator of heaven and earth, whose name is Jehovah, is the only God whom we fear and glorify. Him alone will we worship; for him only will we be witnesses in the universal contest now in progress over the question, Who is the Everlasting, All-wise, All-powerful God? and him alone will we urge all peoples everywhere, of whatever race, nationality, tribe, color and language, to worship as the true God without equal;

3 THAT the Holy Bible, written under inspiration originally in Hebrew, Aramaic and ancient Greek, is his written Word. It is the channel of the one revealed religion that is the absolute truth and that is the unerring guide to pure worship acceptable to God;

4 THAT God the Creator, to whom his own written Word gives the name Jehovah thousands of times, is the King of Eternity and the Eternal Sovereign of the universe, and to him we owe our supreme allegiance and unqualified obedience. Only by his permission and tolerance have men set up political governments for what is understood to be the public good. His permission for this was not to continue forever or even indefinitely, but was to be brought to an end by the establishment of the kingdom of his beloved Son, the Messiah or Anointed One, the Christ, who was named Jesus when on earth as a perfect man. In the year 1914 the combination of events began on earth that he said would be a visible sign to us that Jehovah God had taken his sovereign power in that year and had set up the kingdom of his Son Jesus Christ for the government of this earth. According to the published information from the Holy Bible, the time then came for all the political nations to yield their sovereignty in the earth peaceably over to the heavenly kingdom of God's enthroned Son Jesus Christ. World history shows that, instead, more than a score of nations, led by Christendom, engaged in a global war for world domination. Because of this course the nations entered into the "time of the end" foretold in the Holy Bible, which will reach a conclusion in their violent destruction;

5 THAT, in order to prevent the destruction of the nations by their own means in war, the nations further refused the surrender of their sovereignty to God's Messianic kingdom by setting up a society of nations, which, since 1945, has taken the form and the name of the United Nations, with international headquarters at New York city. This international organization stands for world sovereignty by political men. For years men without faith in God's kingdom have endeavored to get all people to worship this international image of human political sovereignty as the best hope for earthly peace and security, in fact, the last hope for humanity. To date 111 nations have given worship to this political image by becoming members of it. However, we, as witnesses of the Sovereign God Jehovah, will continue refusing to engage in such idolatrous worship, for we see, under angelic enlightenment, that God has smitten such idolaters with a malignant ulcer, symbolically speaking, that will spell death to them as spiritually diseased image worshipers who worship a man-made political creation rather than the Creator of heaven and earth;

6 THAT radical governments have been formed and taken over the control of powerful nations and they rage like the restless sea against the older, traditional forms of human government that have long ruled the earth. The ideal life for mankind will not come by means of such radical, revolutionary governments, which have already proved themselves unsatisfactory and incapable. God the Creator judicially pronounces such radical political institutions to be dead, death-dealing, as dead as a dead man's shed blood that has congealed. Everyone trying to live in that element must die. We, as witnesses of God the Source of all life, will maintain our Christian steadfastness and have no part in such radical movements, but will hold fast to our Christian neutrality toward all radical and other types of human government over earth;

7 THAT the waters that the people have drunk from the rivers and fountains of human philosophies, political theorists, social organizers, economic advisers and advocates of religious traditions have resulted in no real life-giving refreshment to the drinkers. Such waters have even led the drinkers to violate the Creator's law concerning the sacredness of blood and to engage in religious persecutions and in shedding the blood of even the holy ones and prophets of Jehovah God; for which reason he has judicially decided that they must suffer the full penalty for shedding blood, doing so either as individuals or as a community. We, however, will avoid this divine judicial decision by drinking only of Jehovah as the Fountain of living water, doing so by means of his Holy Word;

8 THAT we will continue to look to Him as the great Sun from whom comes our enlightenment, guidance and healing. We will glorify him and not join idolatrous men in looking to bright-shining ones of mankind as the source of mental and spiritual enlightenment and of worldly prosperity. In this way we save ourselves from taking part with disappointed men in blaspheming God the Creator because the symbolic "sun" that they idolized and looked to for enlightenment and a brighter future has scorched them with unbearably hot world conditions rather than with a healing of the state of mankind;

9 THAT we accept the Bible's proof that Satan the Devil is the "ruler of the demons" and also the "ruler of this world," from whom our Leader Jesus Christ refused to accept any throne of rulership. But ever since the days of Nimrod, king of Babylon, the political system of this world has accepted its throne of political rulership from the satanic "ruler of this world," and to this ruler the worldly political system has paid his fixed price for the throne, rendering him worship and service. Since the decisive year of 1914 the political system of human government has refused to vacate this throne and cease rendering service to the "ruler of this world." For this reason the darkness of God's disfavor has settled down on the kingdom of this worldly political system, and there is no political light to show human rulers the way out of the increasing "anguish of nations." With no repentance they persist in their works for self-salvation, and blaspheme God for paining them by having His witnesses showing that their doomed condition is beyond healing through human remedies;

10 THAT Nimrod in rebellion against Jehovah God founded his capital city Babylon on the Euphrates River in the Middle East, and by its waters this imperial city protected itself and carried on selfish commerce with the peoples. Ancient Babylon has now a modern counterpart that enriches and protects itself by sitting oppressively upon symbolic waters, the peoples, and even holding a religious kingdom over the political kings of this earth. Now the time has come for God to dry up these wealth-bringing protective "waters" and bring about the fall and destruction of Babylon's modern counterpart. As for her political companions, these are marching to the "war of the great day of God the Almighty." Under propaganda and programs inspired by demons and voiced by political systems serving the "ruler of this world," the kings of the earth and their armies are being led, not to the Euphrates River, but to the battlefield with the Hebrew name Har-Magedon (or, Armageddon). We, who are Jehovah's witnesses, will not obstruct them in their military preparations, and yet we will not march with them to Har-Magedon, for we refuse to fight against God Almighty and his kingdom by Jesus the Messiah;

11 THAT, although at present we are obliged to be in this world, we will not breathe in the spirit of this world, for it is not the spirit of God but is the spirit of the devilish "ruler of this world." Led by the spirit of its unseen ruler, the world of mankind has for thousands of years cultivated the works of the fallen, degraded flesh. Now the world is reaping the results of breathing in the spirit of Satan the Devil and cultivating the works of their flesh, which is at enmity with God. Babylon's modern religious counterpart has not cultivated in the people the spirit of God, that they might reap the fruitage of God's spirit to the attainment of eternal life in His new order of things. The world therefore faces an earthquake of world trouble the like of which it has never known, and all its political institutions and its modern religious Babylon will be shaken to bits, even human institutions as imposing and stable as mountains or isolated like islands disappearing;

12 THAT, therefore, we have immediately ahead of us the most momentous period in the history of mankind; the hour of the execution of God's righteous judgment is about to strike, and we are in the day of decision. Whereas we see all the nations of this doomed world marching under superhuman demon influence, it is our resolution to remain immovable on the side of the established Messianic kingdom of Jehovah God, ever praying that he will give us more and more of his spirit. And as we endeavor to cultivate the fruitage of the spirit of God and carry on His pure and undefiled worship, we will keep on the full suit of armor of God and continue fighting, not against blood and flesh, but against the "wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places" until the satanic "ruler of this world" and his demons are abyssed for the thousand years of Christ's reign. We thank Jehovah God for the ministry of his holy angels under Jesus Christ in our behalf. With their help and with the help of his holy spirit and Word we will continue to declare to all peoples without partiality the "everlasting good news" concerning God's Messianic kingdom and concerning his judgments, which are like plagues to his enemies but which will be executed for the liberation of all persons who desire to worship God the Creator acceptably with spirit and with truth.

[Emphasis Added]

Letter to The Editor, The Guardian (unpublished)

[Although unpublished, The Guardian's Stephen Bates provided a copy of this letter directly to researchers]

Jehovah's Witnesses
Office of Public Information

October 22, 2023
Letters Editor
The Guardian

Dear Sir,

Stephen Bate's articles in The Guardian of October 8th and 15th substantially misrepresents the background of Jehovah's Witnesses registration with the United Nations and contains a number of factual errors.

In 1991 one of our legal corporations registered with the United Nations as a NGO (non-governmental organization) for the sole purpose of getting access to the extensive library of the United Nations. This enabled a writer who received an identification card, to enter their library for research purposes and to obtain information that has been used in writing articles in our journals about the United Nations. There was nothing secret about it.

At the time of the initial application no signature was required on the form. Years later, unbeknown to the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, the United Nations published "Criteria for Association", stipulating that affiliated NGO's are required to support the goals of the United Nations.

After learning of the situation, our membership as NGO was withdrawn and the ID card of the writer was returned.


Paul Gilles
Press Officer for Jehovah's Witnesses in Britain
Watch Tower Society, The Ridgeway, London NW7 1RN
Contact: Paul Gillies, telephone 020 8906 2211;
Fax: 020 8371 0051

P.S. Please do not publish my email address

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Further Explanation

The above letter was not published by The Guardian. However, it was supplied by The Guardian's Stephen Bates to researchers. Although the above letter was never published by The Guardian, Stephen Bates did send a response to this letter, as follows.

Subject: from Stephen Bates, the Guardian


Dear Mr Gillies,

I have just been shown your letter, submitted for publication two weeks after my initial article appeared in the Guardian.

I would be very grateful if you would allow me to circulate it to the thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses who have contacted me since the articles appeared because, if there was nothing secret about your association with the Scarlet-Coloured Beast, I am surprised that so many followers did not know of it, given the WTBTS's frequent condemnation of the UN in its publications.

This may account for the witnesses' feelings of betrayal and sense of hypocrisy over the whole affair. If it was not secret and was only done to obtain a library ticket, why did you not tell me when I spoke to you several days before the article appeared? Surely you would have known it or could have found out very easily — most press officers are able to do so.

And why did the WTBTS decide to disaffiliate only two days after the article appeared, when the WTBTS "learned about a situation" which was anyway not secret? Any organisation which affiliates to another surely must know that it has to ascribe to its basic principles, so to pretend that acceptance of the UN charter's aims has been suddenly sprung on you is being disengenuous at best.

As far as I can tell from your letter there are no factual inaccuracies in my reports for you have not pointed to any that you did not have the opportunity to explain to me when we spoke. I don't think the letter will be published. But then what would I know - I'm only bird seed in your demonology!

Best wishes,

Stephen Bates

UN form letter sent in response to inquires regarding the relationship between the UN and Watchtower Bible & Tract Society


11 October 2023

To Whom It May Concern:

Recently the NGO Section had been receiving numerous inquiries regarding the Association of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York with the Department of Public Information (DPI). This organization applied for association with DPI in 1991 and was granted association in 1992. By accepting association with DPI, the organization agreed to meet criteria for association, including support and respect of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and commitment and means to conduct effective information programmes with its constituents and to a broader audience about UN activities.

In October 2001 the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York requested termination of its association with DPI. Following this request, the DPI has made decision to disassociate the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York as of 9 October 2001.

We appreciate your interest in the work of the United Nations.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Hoeffel
NGO Section
Department of Public Information

[Emphasis Added]

United Nations DPI-NGO—Directory—2001-2002 p.354

[Note: PR means President or Officer, MR means Main Representative]

[Note: the UN DPI-NGO office can be reached by telephone: 1-212-953-1842]




Assoc: DPI

Adams, Don (PR)
25 Columbia Heights
Brooklyn NY 11201-2483
Tel: 718 560 5000
Fax: 718 560 8030

Aulicino, Ciro (MR)
25 Columbia Heights
Brooklyn NY 11201-2483
Tel: 718 560 5000
Fax: 718 560 8030

[Emphasis Added]

United Nations DPI-NGO—Directory—2001-2002 p.-i-



2.- The aims and purposes of the organization shall be in conformity with the spirit, purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

3.- The organization shall undertake to support the work of the United Nations and to promote knowledge of its principles and activities, in accordance with its own aims and purposes and the nature and scope of its competence and activities.

[Emphasis Added]

Private Correspondence from UN Department of Public Information

[Regarding requirements for groups applying for Non-Governmental Organization status]


24 January 2024

Mr. Walter Lu
114 Baiden Street
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7M 2K3

Dear Mr. Lu

Thank you for your fax dated 8 January 2024 regarding your request for copies of correspondence between Watchtower Bible and Tract society and the United Nations. I should like to inform you that it is the policy of the Department of Public Information (DPI) of the United Nations to keep correspondence between the United Nations and NGOs applying for association with DPI confidential. However, please see below the paragraph included in all letters sent to NGOs approved for association in 1992.

"The principal purpose of association of non-governmental organizations with the United Nations Department of Public Information is the redissemination of information in order to increase public understanding of the principles, activities and achievements of the United Nations and its Agencies. Consequently, it is important that you should keep us informed about your organization's information programme as it relates to the United Nations, including sending us issues of your relevant publications. We are enclosing a brochure on the "The United Nations and Non-Governmental Organizations", which will give you some information regarding the NGO relationship."

In addition, the criteria for NGOs to become associated with DPI include the following:

* that the NGO share the ideals of the UN Charter;

* operate solely for a Not-for-profit basis;

* have a demonstrated interest in United Nations issues and a proven ability to reach target or specialized audiences, such as educators, media representatives, policy makers and the business community;

* have the commitment and means to conduct effective information programs about UN activities by publishing newsletters, bulletins and pamphlets, organizing conferences, seminars and round tables; and enlisting cooperation of the media.

I expect that you will share this information with your concerned colleagues as we are unable to address the scores of duplicate requests regarding the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society that are being directed to our offices. Thank you for your interest in the work of the United Nations.

Yours Sincerely,
Shashi Tharoor
Interim Head
Department or Public Information

[Emphasis Added]

Response Letter from Bethel 2002 Feb 21

Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

2821 Route 22, Patterson, NY 12563-2237 Phone (845) 306-1100

ECH:ECN February 21, 2024


Dear Mr. Alward:

We are pleased to reply to your letter of January 17, 2002, addressed to Mr. Peloyan. We are well aware of the controversy surrounding our former registration with the United Nations as an NGO with the UN's Department of Public Information (DPI)

As you have concluded, the intent of all statements issued on this matter was that they reflect truthfully and without any contradiction our motive and purpose in registering with the United Nations as an NGO. We appreciate your efforts to set the record straight in this regard.

As we have previously stated, our purpose in registering with the DPI was to gain access to the excellent research materials available in their library facilities. As you may know, we are the publishers of the Watchtower and Awake! magazines, which contain well-researched information on a wide variety of subjects. Over the years, our staff has found the information available at the UN libraries to be extremely helpful, in addition to what is available otherwise at public and private libraries around the world.

In any case, we had been using the library facilities at the UN for many years prior to 1991. In that year, our researcher was advised by UN personnel that it would be necessary to register as and NGO to have continued access to the various libraries we were using. Registration papers filed with the United Nations at that time contained no statements that conflicted with our Christian beliefs. However, when it was recently brought to our attention what was expected of an NGO registered with DPI, we withdrew our registration so as to remove any implication that our being recognized by the United Nations as an NGO goes beyond our original purpose or that Jehovah's Witnesses are involved in activities that are inconsistent with our own teachings.

Although critics may claim that access to the libraries could have been obtained without the need to register as an NGO, that is not what our research personnel were told at the time. They found it necessary to present an authorized pass to gain access to those specific areas, which were off limits to the public.

We trust the above clarifying comments will be helpful. We send our best wishes.


Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

[Emphasis Added]

Letter from German German Bethel to all German congregations regarding Watchtower association with UN

[English translation follows]

Jehovas Zeugen

28. Januar 2002


Liebe Brüder,

in letzter Zeit haben uns wiederholt Anfragen zu einer irreführenden Meldung über eine angebliche Mitgliedschaft der Gesellschaft bei den Vereinten Nationen erreicht. Natürlich sind Jehovas Zeugen und die von ihnen benutzten rechtlichen Körperschaften nie ein Teil der Vereinten Nationen gewesen. Da ihr jedoch womöglich ebenfalls mit diesen Fragen konfrontiert werdet, möchten wir gern die Antwort des Hauptbüros auf solche Anfragen an euch weiterleiten:

"Im Jahr 1991 haben wir uns zu dem Zweck beim Amt für öffentliehkeitsarbeit der Vereinten Nationen (DPI) als Nichtregierungsorganisation (NGO) registrieren lassen, um in den Bibliothekseinrichtungen der Vereinten Nationen zu sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Problemen sowie zum Thema Gesundheit Nachforschungen anstellen zu können. Die Bibliothek ist schon vor 1991 viele Jahre lang von uns genutzt worden; doch in diesem Jahr wurde es erforderlich, sich als NGO registrieren zu lassen. Der Registrierungsantrag, so wie er eingereicht wurde und bei uns in den Akten vorliegt, enthielt kein Aussage, die zu unscrem christlichen Glauben im Widerspruch wäre. Außerdem wurden NGOs von den Vereinten Nationen dahin gehend informiert, dass, die Assoziierung mit DPI...weder [bedeutet], dass die NGO Teil des Systems der Vereinten Nationen wird, noch, dass sie und ihre Mitarbeiter irgendwelch Vorrechte, Immunitäten oder speziellen Rechte haben.

Dennoch enthalten die Kriterien für die Assoziierung als NGO — zumindest in ihrer jüngsten Version — Formulierungen, denen wir uns nicht anschließen können. Als wir darauf aufmerksam gemacht wurden, haben wir unsere Registrierung sofort zurückgezogen. Wir haben es sehr geschätzt, dass wir über diesen Sachverhalt unterrichtet worden sind."

Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass diese Ausführungen dazu beitragen, irreführenden Äußerungen von Gegnern zu begegnen. Solche Versuche der Gegner, Gottes Volk und die verantwortliehen Brüder zu schmähen, hat es bereits im ersten Jahrhundert gegeben, und sie wurden besonders für die letzten Tage vorausgesagt (2 Timotheus 3:13, 3 Johannes 9,10). Wir hingegen freuen uns, dass wir volles Vertrauen in das Haupt der Versammlung, Jesus Christus, und die von ihm durch heiligen Geist eingesetzten Brüder haben können (Epheser 5:23, Offenbarung 2:1).

Wir senden unsere herzlichen Grüße, während wir mit euch weiterhin das Königreich allem voranstellen.

Eure Brüder

Religionsgemeinschaft der Zeugen Jehovas in Deutschland, e. V.


German-to-English Translation provided by

Jehovah's Witnesses

28 January 2024


Dear Brothers,

lately repeat inquiries have us to a misleading message over an alleged membership of the society at the United Nations achieved. Naturally, Jehovah's Witnesses and the legal bodies used by them were never a part of the United Nations. Since it however with these questions are possibly likewise confronted, we would like to pass gladly the response on of the head office to such inquiries at you:

"In the year 1991 we could be registered for the purpose with the Department of Public Information (DPI) of the United Nations as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), in order to be able to employ in the library mechanisms of the United Nations to social and economic problems as well as about health investigations. The library was already used 1991 ago many years long by us; but in this year it was necessary to be able to be registered as NGO.

The registration request, as was submitted it and with us in the documents is present, contained no predicate, which would be to our Christian faith in the contradiction. Additionally NGOs were informed there going from the United Nations that, the association with DPI... "neither [ means] that the NGO becomes part of the system of the United Nations, nor that it and its coworkers of what privileges, immunities or special rights to have."

The criteria for the association as NGO contain nevertheless — at least in their recent version — formulations, which we cannot follow. When we were made attentive to it, to have we our registration immediately withdrawn. We are grateful that we were informed about this circumstances.

We are convinced of the fact that these remarks contribute to meet misleading expressions of Apostates.

Such attempts of the opponents to defame God people and the response-borrowed brothers it already gave in the first century, and they were particularly forecast for the last days (2 Timothy 3:13, 3 John 9,10).

We however make us happy that we can have full confidence in the head of the meeting, Jesus Christ, and the brothers used by it by holy spirit (Ephesians 5:23, Revelation 2:1).

We transmit our cordial greetings, while we place the Kingdom of in front everything with you further.

Your brothers

Religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany, e. V.

[Emphasis Added]

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