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Seven Trumpet Blasts of Revelation: Watchtower Convention Resolutions

Is the Watchtower making prophecy come true? Or are they just blowing their own trumpet.

Revelation -- It's Grand Climax At Hand chap. 26 p. 173 God's Sacred Secret--Its Glorious Climax!

Highlights of Jehovah's Trumpet like Judgment Proclamations

[Box on page 173]

1. 1922 Cedar Point, Ohio: A challenge to Christendom's leaders in religion, politics, and big business to justify their failure to bring peace, prosperity, and happiness. Messiah's Kingdom is the panacea.

2. 1923 Los Angeles, California: The public talk, "All Nations Now Marching to Armageddon, but Millions Now Living Will Never Die," called on peace-loving "sheep" to abandon the death-dealing sea of humanity.

3. 1924 Columbus, Ohio: Ecclesiastics indicted for self-exaltation and refusal to preach Messiah's Kingdom. True Christians must preach God's vengeance and comfort mourning humanity.

4. 1925 Indianapolis, Indiana: A message of hope contrasting the spiritual darkness in Christendom with the bright Kingdom promise of peace, prosperity, health, life, liberty, and eternal happiness.

5. 1926 London, England: A locustlike plaguing of Christendom and its clergy, exposing their rejection of God's Kingdom, and hailing the birth of that heavenly government.

6. 1927 Toronto, Canada: An invitation, carried as by armies of cavalry, calling on people to forsake 'organized Christianity' and give heart allegiance to Jehovah God and to his King and Kingdom.

7. 1928 Detroit, Michigan: A declaration against Satan and for Jehovah, making plain that God's anointed King, enthroned in 1914, will destroy Satan's evil organization and emancipate mankind.

Revelation -- It's Grand Climax At Hand, chap. 21 pp.132-134 Jehovah's Plagues on Christendom

Preparing for the Blasts of the Trumpets

10 John goes on to say: "And the seven angels with the seven trumpets prepared to blow them." (Revelation 8:6) What does the blowing of those trumpets mean? In the days of Israel, trumpet blasts were used to signal important days or noteworthy events. (Leviticus 23:24; 2 Kings 11:14) Similarly, the blasts of the trumpets that John is to hear will call attention to matters of life-and-death importance.

11 As the angels got ready to blow those trumpets, no doubt they were also giving direction to a preparatory work on earth. From 1919 to 1922, the revitalized John class was busy in reorganizing the public ministry and building up publishing facilities. In 1919 the magazine The Golden Age, known today as Awake!, had been brought forth as "A Journal of Fact, Hope, and Conviction"--a trumpetlike instrument that would play a key role in exposing false religion's political involvements.

12 As we shall now see, each of the trumpet blasts heralds a dramatic scene in which terrible plagues affect portions of the earth. Some of these remind us of the plagues that Jehovah sent to punish the Egyptians in Moses' day. (Exodus 7:19--12:32) These were expressions of Jehovah's judgment on that nation, and they opened the way for God's people to escape from slavery. The plagues seen by John accomplish something similar. However, they are not literal plagues. They are signs that symbolize Jehovah's righteous judgments.--Revelation 1:1.

Identifying the "Third"


15 In line with there being a sequence of trumpet blasts, special resolutions were featured at seven conventions from 1922 to 1928. But the trumpeting has not been confined to those years. The powerful exposing of Christendom's wicked ways has been continuous, ongoing, as the Lord's day progresses. Jehovah's judgments must be proclaimed universally, to all nations, despite international hatred and persecutions. Only then does the end of Satan's system come. (Mark 13:10, 13) Happily, the great crowd has now added its voice to that of the John class in making those thunderous pronouncements of worldwide importance.

A Third of the Earth Burned Up

16 Reporting on the angels, John writes: "And the first one blew his trumpet. And there occurred a hail and fire mingled with blood, and it was hurled to the earth; and a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees was burned up, and all the green vegetation was burned up." (Revelation 8:7) This is similar to the seventh plague on Egypt, but what does it mean for our 20th century?--Exodus 9:24.


18 How is this judgment message delivered? Generally, not by the world's news media, which are part of the world and often reproachful of God's "slave." (Matthew 24:45) It was proclaimed in a notable way at the second historic gathering of God's people at Cedar Point, Ohio, September 10, 1922. These unanimously and enthusiastically adopted a resolution entitled "A Challenge to World Leaders." In outspoken terms, it put the modern-day symbolic earth on notice, as follows: "We therefore call upon the nations of earth, their rulers and leaders, and upon all the clergymen of all the denominational churches of earth, their followers and allies, big business and big politicians, to bring forth their proof in justification of the position taken by them that they can establish peace and prosperity on earth and bring happiness to the people; and their failing in this, we call upon them to give ear to the testimony that we offer as witnesses for the Lord, and then let them say whether or not our testimony is true."

19 What testimony did these Christians offer? This: "We hold and declare that Messiah's kingdom is the complete panacea for all the ills of humankind and will bring peace on earth and good will to men, the desire of all nations; that those who yield themselves willingly to his righteous reign now begun will be blessed with lasting peace, life, liberty and endless happiness." In these corrupt times, when man-made governments, especially those in Christendom, are failing utterly to solve the world's problems, that trumpeting challenge rings out with even greater force than in 1922. How true that God's Kingdom in the hands of his conquering Christ is mankind's one and only hope!

20 Through resolutions, tracts, booklets, books, magazines, and discourses, this and later proclamations were trumpeted forth by means of the congregation of anointed Christians. The first trumpet blast resulted in Christendom's being beaten as with the hardened water of a pounding hail. Her bloodguilt, due to her share in the wars of this 20th century, has been laid bare, and she has been shown to be deserving of the fiery expression of Jehovah's wrath. The John class, with later support from the great crowd, has continued to echo the first trumpet blast, drawing attention to Jehovah's view of Christendom, as being fit for destruction.--Revelation 7:9, 15.

[Emphasis Added]

THE WATCH TOWER 1922 November 1 pp.324-325


(Adopted by the International Bible Students Association in Convention at Cedar Point, Ohio, Sunday, September 10, 2023)

THE International Bible Students in convention assembled deem it a duty and privilege to send this message to the nations of earth. As a body of Christians consecrated to obey and follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. we are opposed to engaging in war, revolution, anarchy, or violence in any form; and we are opposed to fraud and deception being practised upon the people by the misrepresentation of the Word of God or otherwise. We earnestly desire peace, prosperity and the blessing of the people with life, liberty and happiness; and we hold that the only means by which this can be accomplished is by and through the reign of Christ.

In the light of the Word of God, and particularly of fulfilled prophecy, we submit the following as a true statement of the facts relating to present conditions:

1. That the rulers of earth have frequently boasted that the World War was fought to make the world safe for democracy, which claim has proven to be a delusion and a snare;

2. That the international conferences at Paris, Washington, Genoa and The Hague, participated in by the financiers and statesmen and approved by the denominational clergy of the world, held for the purpose, as announced, of establishing peace on earth, have failed to bring forth the desired result;

3. That all of the nations of earth are now in distress and perplexity, as the Lord foretold they would be at this time, and that the entire social and political structure is threatened with complete dissolution; and the leading statesmen and rulers of the earth being aware of this fact and of their inability to establish peace and prosperity are frantically calling upon the denominational churches to save the world from disaster;

4. That it is the desire of all the nations and peoples of earth that they might dwell in peace and enjoy life, liberty and happiness;

5. That the people are being misled by those who are attempting to bring about this desire through international conferences and agreements in the form of the League of Nations and like compacts.

We therefore call upon the nations of earth, their rulers and leaders, and upon all the clergymen of all the denominational churches of earth, their followers and allies, big business and big politicians, to bring forth their proof in justification of the position taken by them that they can establish peace and prosperity on earth and bring happiness to the people; and their failing in this, we call upon them to give ear to the testimony that we offer as witnesses for the Lord, and then let them say whether or not our testimony is true.

Relying upon the Word of God and his providential dealings with mankind through Christ Jesus, we as his witnesses hold and testify as follows, to-wit

1. That the World War came in 1914 and was followed by great famines, pestilences and revolutions in various parts of the earth exactly as foretold by the Lord;

2. That 1914 marked the legal ending of the old world and there Christ the rightful King took unto himself his power as king;

3. That the Lord Jesus Christ is now present, invisible to man, and proceeding with the work of establishing his kingdom, for which kingdom he taught his followers to pray;

4. That Satan, long the god of this world, has deceived the statesmen, financiers and the clergy, by inducing them to believe that by international agreement or other combined efforts they can bring the desire of all nations;

5. That all of the world's present organization constitutes the visible part of Satan's empire or organization, and that Satan's empire must now fall before the forward march of the King of glory;

6. That all international conferences and all agreements or treaties resulting therefrom, including the League of Nations compact and all like compacts, must fail, because God has decreed it thus;

7. That all efforts of the denominational church organizations, their clergy, their leaders and their allies, to save and reestablish the order of things in the earth and to bring peace and prosperity must of necessity fail, because they do not constitute any part of the kingdom of Messiah;

8. That on the contrary, during the World War the clergy of these various church denominations were disloyal to the Lord Jesus Christ in this, that they wrongfully united with big business and big politicians to further the World War; they preached men into the trenches and falsely and blasphemously told them that their death upon the battlefield would be counted as a part of the vicarious atonement of Jesus Christ:

9. That they further repudiated the Lord and his kingdom and showed their disloyalty by voluntarily uniting themselves with Satan's organization and boldly announcing to the world that the League of Nations is the political expression of God's kingdom on earth, which announcement so made by them was in utter disregard of the words of Jesus and the apostles.

10. We further hold and testify that this Is the day of God's vengeance against Satan's empire visible and invisible;

11. That the reestablishment of the old world or order is an impossibility; that the time is here for the establishment of the kingdom of God through Christ Jesus; and that all the powers and organizations that do not willingly submit to the righteous reign of the Lord will be destroyed;

12. That if the politicians would faithfully represent the people, and big business would cease exploiting the people, and the clergy would tell the people the truth concerning God's arrangement and the people would cease from strife, the kingdom of Messiah would be established by him without further trouble or distress; but failing thus to do, greater trouble must shortly follow;

13. That for this reason there is now Impending and about to fall upon the nations of earth, according to the words of Christ Jesus, a great time of "tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be" [again], and it is this impending trouble that the rulers and mighty men of earth see coming.

But we hold and declare that Messiah's kingdom is the complete panacea for all the ills of humankind and will bring peace on earth and good will to men. the desire of all nations; that those who yield themselves willingly to his righteous reign now begun will be blessed with lasting peace, life, liberty and endless happiness.

Therefore we bring to the peoples of earth God's message of good tidings contained in the Bible, his Word of truth, and we publish to them his message of peace and everlasting salvation, to wit, that the King of glory, the Deliverer of man, is invisibly present and has begun his reign; that the old world, under the control of Satan has ended and is being rapidly broken in pieces, to make way for the everlastiug kingdom of righteousness now being set up, and that millions of people now living on earth, if obedient to the laws of that righteous kingdom, will continue to live and never die; and we call upon all nations, peoples, kindreds and tongues who love righteousness and hate iniquity to recognize and freely acknowledge that Jehovah is the only true God and that his beloved Son Christ Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords.

[Emphasis added]

Revelation -- It's Grand Climax At Hand chap. 21 pp. 134-136 Jehovah's Plagues on Christendom

Like a Burning Mountain

21 "And the second angel blew his trumpet. And something like a great mountain burning with fire was hurled into the sea. And a third of the sea became blood; and a third of the creatures that are in the sea which have souls died, and a third of the boats were wrecked." (Revelation 8:8, 9) What does this frightful scene picture?

22 We may best understand it against the background of the convention of Jehovah's people held in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., on August 18-26, 1923. The featured Saturday afternoon talk by the Watch Tower Society's president was on the topic "Sheep and Goats." The "sheep" were clearly identified as those righteously disposed persons who would inherit the earthly realm of God's Kingdom. A resolution that followed drew attention to the hypocrisy of "apostate clergymen and 'the principal of their flocks,' who are worldly men of strong financial and political influence." It called on the "multitude of the peace and order loving ones in the denominational churches . . . to withdraw themselves from the unrighteous ecclesiastical systems designated by the Lord as 'Babylon'" and to ready themselves "to receive the blessings of God's kingdom."

23 Doubtless, this resolution came as a result of the sounding of the second trumpet.


27 The second trumpet blast reveals that those of mankind who got involved in revolutionary conflicts over government rather than submit to God's Kingdom are bloodguilty. Particularly Christendom's "third of the sea" has become as blood. All living things therein are dead in God's eyes. None of the radical organizations floating like boats in that third of the sea can avoid ultimate shipwreck. How happy we are that millions of sheeplike people have now heeded the trumpetlike call to separate from those who are still wallowing in the narrow nationalism and bloodguilt of that sea!

[Emphasis Added] [Note see: Blood Guilt]

The WATCHTOWER 1923 November 1 pp.326-327


We, the International Bible Students in general convention assembled, again declare our absolute faith in and allegiance to Jehovah God our Father and to his beloved Son, Christ Jesus, our Redeemer and King, and our absolute confidence in the Bible as God's inspired Word of Truth given to man for his guidance and instruction in righteousness.

As followers of our Lord who are diligently striving to be his true and faithful witnesses, we deem it our privilege and duty to call the attention of all peace and order loving peoples of all the nations to the deplorable conditions now existing in the world and to point them to Messiah's kingdom as the only remedy for national and individual ills.

We hold and declare that Jesus Christ organized his church in purity to represent him upon earth; that selfish and ambitious men, loving earthly honor and glory more than the approval of God, have brought in false doctrines destructive of faith in God and his Word; and that as a result there now exist in the various denominational churches two general classes, to wit:

FIRST: Those who pretend to be Christians, but do not believe in the Bible as God's inspired Word of Truth, who repudiate the doctrines of the fall of man and his redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ, which class is made up of apostate clergymen and "the principal of their flocks," who are worldly men of strong financial and political Influence, which class exercises the controlling influence and power in the denominational organizations ; and

SECOND: That great multitude of peoples who claim to be Christians and who hold and believe the fundamental doctrines of Christianity, namely: That the Bible is the Word of God written under Inspiration of the holy spirit; that the Lord Jesus came Into the world to redeem man from sin and death ; that he gave his life a ransom for mankind ; that he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven and will come again and set up his kingdom, as he promised.

The class first above-mentioned are lovers of self, covetous, boasters, unthankful, unholy, fierce, despisers of those who strive to be good, heady, high-minded, having a form of godliness but denying the power therof, and who slander, misrepresent and persecute those who faithfully try to represent our Lord. (2 Timothy 3:1-5; Matthew 24:9; Mark 13:9) While claiming to be representatives of our Lord, they misrepresent him in this, to wit:

(1) They have forsaken the Word of God, denied the fall of man and denied the Lord Jesus, by whose blood man must be redeemed.-Jude 4.

(2) They have used the name Christian and the Christian religion as a cloak to hide their unrighteousness and to enable them to deceive the people, and have committed spiritual fornication by uniting church with political and financial power.-Jeremiah 2:21-24; Revelation 18:3.

(3) While posing as the representatives of the Prince of Peace, they have prepared war, openly advised, encouraged, and advocated the same, and by appealing to the patriotism of the people have induced them to engage in war; they have wrongfully preached the men into the trenches, caused them to fight and die, have filled the land with a host of widows and orphans, and thereby increased the sorrow and suffering of mankind.-Romans 13-9; Matthew 26:52; Hebrews 12:14; Galatians 6:10; Luke 3:14.

(4) They have with selfish design invaded the schools, colleges, seminaries and universities with their God-dishonoring doctrines of higher criticism and evolution, have led the people into gross error and destroyed the faith of multitudes in the inspired Word of God.-Jeremiah 12:10,12; 13:13,14; 5:25,30; 8:11; 9:8,9.

(5) They have spurned the true teachings of Jesus and the apostles, have scattered the flock of God, have produced a famine in the land for the hearing of the Word of the Lord, and have caused the hungry and thirsty to starve for spiritual food.-Amos 8:11; Psalm 107:4,5; Ezekiel 34:4-6.

(6) They have hated the light and the bearers of the light (Matthew 5:14), refused to give meat to the hungry and drink to the thirsty Christian, turned away the stranger, failed to minister to the sick, persecuted and caused to be imprisoned honest and faithful Christians, resorted to deeds of violence against peaceable and order loving Christians, and "on their skirts is found the blood of the souls of poor innocents."-Jeremiah 2:34; Matthew 25:43,43.

(7) They have wilfully repudiated and rejected the teachings of Jesus and the apostles concerning the Lord's second coming and the establishment of God's kingdom on earth for the blessing of the people, and have substituted therefor a man-made, Satan-directed League of Nations which they hail as the savior of mankind and as "the political expression of God's kingdom on earth," thus blaspheming his name and cause. They have taken counsel together against the Lord and his kingdom, which counsel Jehovah declares shall not stand.-Psalm 2:1-12; Isaiah 8:9,10.

Furthermore, we hold and declare that of those described in the second class there is a multitude of the peace and order loving ones in the denominational churches, both Catholic and Protestant, who have held and yet hold to their faith, who have been kind and considerate with and respected the faith of their fellows regardless of creed or denomination, have fed the hungry and given drink to the thirsty, have taken in the stranger, clothed the naked, visited the sick and ministered to those wrongfully imprisoned, all in the name of our Lord ; that these have hope in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and its attendant blessings ; and that for such the Lord has declared his love.-Matthew 23:34-40.

We point to the fact that God through his Word has declared his vengeance against all unrighteousness and particularly against the present evil order (Isaiah 34:1-4,8) that the Lord Jesus is now invisibly present judging the nations of earth; that the end of the world has come and the dashing to pieces of Satan's empire is in progress (Matthew 24:7-14); that all who willingly ally themselves with Satan and his organization shall suffer terrible punishment; that those espousing the righteous cause of the Lord and serving him shall pass through the trouble and receive boundless blessings (Zephaniah 2:2,3; Zechariah 13:8,9; Psalm 41:1,2); that the line of demarcation between the two classes of Christendom is clearly drawn, and that the time has come for the separation of those who prefer evil from those who love righteousness and desire the Lord's kingdom.

We, therefore, in the spirit of love sound the warning to all such peace and order loving and God-fearing ones who are associated with the denominational churches, and point them to the fact that they can have no part in nor fellowship with that class of pretending Christians who repudiate the Word of God and deny the Lord Jesus Christ and his kingdom ; and we call upon them to heed the Word of God and separate themselves from the unclean thing (2 Corinthians 6:17), to withdraw themselves from the unrighteous ecclesiastical systems designated by the Lord as "Babylon", and to "come out from her, lest they be partakers of her sins and receive of her plagues" (Revelation 18:4); and

We appeal to all such to recognize Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords, and that his kingdom now at band is the hope and salvation of the peoples; and that they individually and collectively declare themselves on the side of the Lord and in sympathy with his cause, and be ready to receive the blessings of God's kingdom which he has prepared for them from the foundation of the world.

Revelation -- It's Grand Climax At Hand chap. 21 p. 136-138 Jehovah's Plagues on Christendom

A Star Falls From Heaven

28 "And the third angel blew his trumpet. And a great star burning as a lamp fell from heaven, and it fell upon a third of the rivers and upon the fountains of waters. And the name of the star is called Wormwood. And a third of the waters turned into wormwood, and many of the men died from the waters, because these had been made bitter." (Revelation 8:10, 11) Once again, other parts of the Bible help us to see how this scripture applies in the Lord's day.


33 Outstanding in this connection was the proclamation made at what The Golden Age magazine described as "the greatest convention of Bible Students held during the ages." This convention assembled in Columbus, Ohio, July 20-27, 1924. No doubt at the direction of the angel that sounded the third trumpet, a forceful resolution was there adopted and later 50 million copies were distributed as a tract. It was published under the title Ecclesiastics Indicted. A subheading presented the issue: "The Seed of Promise Versus the Seed of the Serpent." The Indictment itself roundly exposed Christendom's clergy on matters such as their taking of high-sounding religious titles, their making commercial giants and professional politicians the principal ones of their flocks, their desiring to shine before men, and their refusing to preach to the people the message of Messiah's Kingdom. It emphasized that every dedicated Christian is commissioned by God to proclaim "the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn."--Isaiah 61:2, KJ.

34 Since the third angel started to blow his trumpet, the clergy's position of dominance among mankind has been slipping until, in this day and age, very few of them retain the godlike powers they enjoyed in former centuries. Because of the preaching of Jehovah's Witnesses, great numbers of people have come to realize that many doctrines taught by the clergy are spiritual poison--"wormwood." Furthermore, the clergy's power in northern Europe is almost spent, while in most Eastern European lands, as well as in China, the government strictly curtails their influence. In Catholic parts of Europe and in the Americas, the clergy's scandalous behavior in financial, political, and moral affairs has sullied their reputation. From now on, their position can only get worse, since soon they will suffer the same fate as all other false religionists.--Revelation 18:21; 19:2.

[Emphasis Added]

The WATCHTOWER 1924 September 1 pp.262-263


We, the International Bible Students, in convention assembled, declare our unqualified allegiance to Christ, who is now present and setting up his kingdom, and to that kingdom.

We believe that every consecrated child of God is an ambassador for Christ and is duty-bound to give a faithful and true witness on behalf of his kingdom. As ambassadors for Christ, and without assuming any self-righteousness, we believe and hold that God has commissioned us to "proclaim the day of vengeance of our God and to comfort all that mourn. " - Isaiah 61:2.

We believe and hold that it is God's due time for his displeasure to be expressed against wicked systems that have blinded the people to the truth and thereby deprived them of peace and hope; and to the end that the people might know the truth and receive some comfort for future blessings we present this indictment, based upon the Word of God, and point to the divine plan as the remedy for man's complete relief:

We present and charge that Satan formed a conspiracy for the purpose of keeping the peoples in ignorance of God's provision for blessing them with life, liberty and happiness; and that others, to wit, unfaithful preachers, conscienceless profiteers, and unscrupulous politicians, have entered into said conspiracy, either willingly or unwillingly;

That unfaithful preachers have formed themselves into ecclesiastical systems, consisting of councils, synods, presbyteries, associations, etc.., and have designated themselves therein as popes, cardinals, bishops, doctors of divinity, pastors, shepherds, reverends, etc.., and elected themselves to such offices, which aggregation is herein designated as "the clergy"; and that these have willingly made commercial giants and professional politicians the principal ones of their flocks.

We present and charge that the clergy have yielded to the temptations presented to them by Satan and, contrary to God's Word, have joined in said conspiracy, and in furtherance thereof have committed the overt acts as follows, to wit

(1) That they have used their spiritual powers, enjoyed by reason of their position, to gratify their own selfish desires by feeding and exalting themselves and failing and refusing to feed or teach the people God's Word of truth ;

(2) That loving the glory of this world, and desiring to shine before men and have the approval of men (Luke 4:8; James 4:4; 1 John 2:15) they have clothed themselves in gaudy apparel, decked themselves with jewels, and have assumed a form of godliness while denying God's Word and the power thereof ;

(3) That they have failed and refused to preach to the people the message of Messiah's kingdom and to point them to the evidences relating to his second coming; and being unwilling to await the Lord's due time to set up his kingdom and being ambitious to appear wise and great, they have, together with their coconspirators, claimed the ability to set up God's kingdom on earth without God, and have endorsed the League of Nations and declared it to be "the political expression of God's kingdom on earth", thereby breaking their allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ and declaring their allegiance to the devil, the god of evil ; and to this end they have advocated and sanctified war,-turned their church edifices into recruiting stations, acted as recruiting officers for pay, and preached men into the trenches, there to suffer and die; and when the Lord presented to them the clear and indisputable proof that the old world has ended and that his kingdom is at hand, they have scoffed at and rejected the testimony, persecuted, arrested and caused the imprisonment of witnesses for the Lord.


We further present and charge that the clergy as a class have constituted themselves the fountain of doctrines which, in the furtherance of said conspiracy, they have sent forth to the people, claiming such doctrines to be the teachings of God's Word, well knowing the same to be untrue, in this, to wit

(1) That they falsely claim to be the divinely appointed successors to the inspired apostles of Jesus Christ; whereas the Scriptures clearly show that there are no successors to the Lord's apostles;

(2) That they claim the sole right to interpret the Scriptures, and that therefore they alone know what the people should believe; and by this means they have kept the people in ignorance of the Bible, and now in this time of increased knowledge and much reading, when the people might read and understand, these self-constituted "successors to the apostles" discourage the people from reading the Bible and Bible literature, deny the inspiration of the Scriptures, teach evolution, and by these means turn the minds of the people away from God and his Word of truth ;

(3) That they have taught and teach the divine right of kings to rule the peoples, claiming such rule to be the kingdom of God on earth; they hold that they and the principal of their flocks are commissioned of God to direct the policy and course of the nations, and that if the people do not submissively concur in such policies then the people are unpatriotic or disloyal;

(4) That they are the authors of the unreasonable and false doctrine of the trinity, by which they claim and tench that Jehovah, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are three persons in one, which fallacy they admit cannot be understood nor explained; that this false doctrine has blinded the people to the true meaning of the great ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ, through which men can be saved;

(5) That they teach and have taught the false doctrine of human immortality ; that is to say, that all men are created immortal souls, which cannot die; which doctrine they well know to be false, for it is based exclusively upon the statement of Satan, which statement Jesus declares to be a great lie (Genesis 3 : 1-6; John 8 : 44) ;

(6) That they preach and teach the doctrine of eternal torment; that is to say, that the penalty for sin is conscious torment in hell. eternal in duration; whereas they know that the Bible teaches that the wages of sin is death ; that bell is the state of death or the tomb ; that the dead are unconscious until the resurrection, and that the ransom sacrifice is provided that all in due time may have an opportunity to believe and obey the Lord and live, while the wilfully wicked are to be punished with an everlasting destruction;

(7) That they deny the right of the Lord to establish his kingdom on earth, well knowing that Jesus taught that he would come again at the end of the world, and that the fact of that time would be made known by the nations of Christendom engaging in a world war, quickly followed by famine, pestilence, revolutions, the return of God's favor to the Jews, distress and perplexity of the nations; and that during such time the God of heaven would set up his kingdom, which will stand forever (Daniel 2:44) ; that ignoring and refusing to consider these plain truths and evidences, they have willingly gone on in darkness, together with their allies, profiteers and politicians, in an attempt to set up a world power for the purpose of ruling and keeping the people in subjection ; all of which is contrary to the Word of God and against his dignity and good name.

The doctrines taught by the clergy, and their course of action herein stated are admitted; and upon the undisputed facts and upon the law of God's Word they stand confessedly guilty before God and in the eyes of the World upon every charge in this indictment.

Upon the authority of the prophecy of God's Word now being fulfilled, we declare that this is the day of God's wrath upon Christendom ; and that he stands in the midst of the mighty and controlling factors of the world, to wit, the clergy and the principal of their flocks, to judge and to express his righteous indignation against them and their unrighteous systems and doctrines.

We further declare that the only hope for the peace and happiness of the peoples of earth is Messiah's kingdom, for which Jesus taught his followers to pray.

Therefore we call upon the peoples and nations of earth to witness that the statements here made are true; and in order that the people might, in this time of perplexity and distress, have hope and comfort, we urge upon them the prayerful and diligent study of the Bible, that they might learn therefrom that God through Christ and his kingdom has a complete and adequate plan for the blessing of mankind upon earth with peace and prosperity, liberty, happiness and eternal life, and that his kingdom is at hand.

Revelation -- It's Grand Climax At Hand chap. 21 pp. 138-141 Jehovah's Plagues on Christendom


36 "And the fourth angel blew his trumpet. And a third of the sun was smitten and a third of the moon and a third of the stars, in order that a third of them might be darkened and the day might not have illumination for a third of it, and the night likewise." (Revelation 8:12) The ninth plague on Egypt was a plague of literal darkness. (Exodus 10:21-29) But what is this symbolic darkness that comes to plague men in our 20th century?


39 In line with that heavenly proclamation, a capacity crowd of God's people assembled in convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A., on August 29, 1925, and adopted for publication a forthright resolution entitled "Message of Hope." Again, some 50 million copies were distributed in a number of languages. It described the false light held out by the combine of commercial profiteers, political leaders, and the religious clergy, as a result of which "the peoples have fallen into darkness." And it pointed to God's Kingdom as the real hope for receiving "the blessings of peace, prosperity, health, life, liberty and eternal happiness." It took courage for the small band of anointed Christians to proclaim such messages against the giant organization of Christendom. But consistently, from the early 1920's until now, they have done so. In more recent times, in 1955, a further exposť of the clergy class was made by the worldwide distribution in many languages of a booklet entitled Christendom or Christianity--Which One Is "the Light of the World"? Today, Christendom's hypocrisy has become so evident that many in the world can see it for themselves. But Jehovah's people have not let up in exposing her for what she is: a kingdom of darkness.

[Emphasis Added]

The WATCH TOWER 1925 October 15 pp.310-311



The International Bible Students in general convention assembled send greetings:

When in the course of human affairs the nations have reached a condition of extremity it is due time that the peoples give consideration to the inducing causes, to the proffered remedies and to the true remedy. We humbly invite consideration of this message, to the end that the peoples might find consolation therein and hope for their future welfare.

For centuries man has been the victim of oppression, war, famine,sickness, sorrow and death. At all times he has desired peace,prosperity, health, life, liberty and happiness.

World powers, science and philosophy, commerce and religion have each in turn offered its respective remedies for man's relief. In the name and under the guise of democracy, these combine in offering their joint and several powers to meet the requirements of man. Together they claim to be the sunlight of the world, holding forth all the light that shines to enlighten and guide the human race.

Intrigue, duplicity and trickery are freely resorted to by the political and commercial powers; science and philosophy are marked by vanityand self-sufficiency; while the religionists, both Catholic and Protestant, are conspicuous by their arrogance, self-conceit, impiety and ungodliness. Therefore, It is apparent that the remedies offered by any and all of these aforementioned elements are vain, impotent and powerless to satisfy man's desire.

Catholicism claims and assumes that which justly belongs exclusively to God. Modernists deny God, deny His Word and His plan of redemption, and offer blind force as a remedy for man's undone condition. Fundamentalists, while professing to believe the Bible, by their course of action deny the same. They teach false and God dishonoring doctrines, and together with Catholics and Modernists are allied with the political and commercial powers of the world in blasphemously claiming the ability to establish God's kingdom on earth. All of these have combined under Satan their superlord to push God into a corner and to dishonor his name.

The results are that the peoples are smarting under the oppressive weight of commercial profiteers and their allies, have lost faith in their political leaders, and no longer have respect for the religionists who have misled them. Being guided by the false light of such an ungodly and unholy alliance, the peoples have fallen into darkness.They are like lost sheep scattered upon the mountain tops without a shepherd, and are without food and shelter and are made the prey of wild beasts.

The causes for this deplorable condition are that man by reason of original sin fell from perfection; and that Satan the enemy of God and all righteousness is the invisible ruler or god of this evil world, and by his various agencies has turned the minds of many peoples away from God and from His truth.

The greatest crisis of the ages is impending and about to fall; because the old world has ended and Satan's lease of power is done. Knowing this, and that his time is short, the Devil is trying to overwhelm the peoples with a great flood of false and deceptive doctrines and to turn their minds completely away from Jehovah. The time has come forGod to make for himself a name In the earth and for the peoples to know the truth concerning the divine plan, which is the only means of salvation for the world.

Therefore, in the name and in the spirit of the Lord, the Standard of God's truth and righteousness is lifted here up against the enemy and for the benefit of the peoples, which standard is to wit:

That Jehovah is the only true God. the Most High, the Almighty, the Author and Finisher of his great plan for the salvation of man, and is the Rewarder of all that diligently seek and obey him; that the Bible is his revealed Word of Truth; that his beloved Son Christ Jesus is the Redeemer and Deliverer of mankind and, true to his promise, hascome to rule and bless the peoples: that the present turmoil, distress and perplexity of the nations is in fulfilment of prophecy, proving that Satan's empire is breaking down and that the Lord of Righteousness is taking possession; that the Lord Jesus Christ is now establishing his righteous government, and will sweep away Satan's stronghold of lies, lead the people into the true light, and judge the world in righteousness and the peoples with his truth; and that his kingdom of righteousness is the only remedy for the ills of humankind.

We confidently appeal to the peoples to rally to the divine standard of truth thus lifted up, and thereby learn the way that leads to life and happiness. We call upon all the peoples of good will of every nation, kindred and tongue to disregard the errors invented by the enemy Satan and for many years taught man, and to receive and believe the divine plan for salvation as set forth in the Scriptures.

God's kingdom, for which the peoples have long prayed, is at hand. It alone can and will establish and stabilize the world so that it cannot be moved. Its ensign of righteousness is the standard now lifted up for the people. Christ Jesus, as glorified King and great executive officer of Jehovah God, has now become the rightful ruler of the world. Let the peoples receive, believe and obey him and his laws of righteousness. All who so do are certain to receive the blessings of peace, prosperity, health, life, liberty and eternal happiness.

Revelation -- It's Grand Climax At Hand chap. 22 pp. 142-148 The First Woe--Locusts

The First Woe--Locusts

THE fifth angel prepares to blow his trumpet. Four heavenly trumpets have already sounded, and four plagues have been directed to the third of the earth that Jehovah regards as most reprehensible--Christendom. Her deathly sick condition has been uncovered. While angels sound the trumpet blasts, human heralds follow through on earth. Now the fifth angelic trumpet is about to announce the first woe, more fearsome even than what has gone before. It is related to a terrifying locust plague. First, though, let us examine other scriptures that will help us to understand this plague better.


6 Revelation, written some 26 years after Jerusalem's destruction, also describes that plague. What does it add to Joel's description? Let us take up the record, as reported by John: "And the fifth angel blew his trumpet. And I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to the earth, and the key of the pit of the abyss was given him." (Revelation 9:1) This "star" is different from that at Revelation 8:10 that John saw in the act of falling. He sees "a star that had fallen from heaven" and that now has an assignment with respect to this earth. Is this a spirit or a fleshly person? The holder of this "key of the pit of the abyss" is later described as hurling Satan into "the abyss." (Revelation 20:1-3) So he must be a mighty spirit person. At Revelation 9:11, John tells us that the locusts have "a king, the angel of the abyss." Both verses must refer to the same individual, since the angel holding the key of the abyss would logically be the angel of the abyss. And the star must symbolize Jehovah's appointed King, since anointed Christians acknowledge only the one angelic King, Jesus Christ.--Colossians 1:13; 1 Corinthians 15:25.

7 The account continues: "And he opened the pit of the abyss, and smoke ascended out of the pit as the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun was darkened, also the air, by the smoke of the pit. And out of the smoke locusts came forth upon the earth; and authority was given them, the same authority as the scorpions of the earth have." (Revelation 9:2, 3) Scripturally, "the abyss" is a place of inactivity, even of death. (Compare Romans 10:7; Revelation 17:8; 20:1, 3.) The small band of Jesus' brothers spent a short time in such an "abyss" of relative inactivity at the end of the first world war (1918-19). But when Jehovah poured his spirit upon his repentant servants in 1919, they swarmed forth to meet the challenge of the work that lay ahead.


World Rulers Put on Notice

18 The modern-day locusts had a job to do. The Kingdom good news had to be preached. Errors had to be exposed. Lost sheep had to be found. As the locusts went about these tasks, the world was forced to sit up and take notice. In obedience to the angels' trumpet blasts, the John class has continued to expose Christendom as deserving of Jehovah's adverse judgments. In response to the fifth trumpet, a particular aspect of these judgments was emphasized at a convention of the Bible Students in London, England, May 25-31, 1926. This featured a resolution, "A Testimony to the Rulers of the World," and a public talk at the Royal Albert Hall on "Why World Powers Are Tottering--The Remedy," the complete text of both of these being printed in a leading London newspaper the following day. Later, the locust band distributed worldwide, as a tract, 50 million copies of that resolution--a torment indeed to the clergy! Years later, people in England still spoke of this stinging exposť.

19 At this convention, the symbolic locusts received further fighting equipment, notably a new book entitled Deliverance. It included a Scriptural discussion of the sign proving that the 'man child' government, Christ's heavenly Kingdom, had been born in 1914. (Matthew 24:3-14; Luke 21:24-26; Revelation 12:1-10) Thereafter, it quoted the manifesto published in London in 1918 and signed by eight clergymen, who were described as being "among the world's greatest preachers." They represented the leading Protestant denominations--Baptist, Congregational, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and Methodist. This manifesto proclaimed that "the present crisis points toward the close of the times of the Gentiles" and that "the revelation of the Lord may be expected at any moment." Yes, those clergymen had recognized the sign of Jesus' presence! But did they want to do anything about it? The book Deliverance informs us: "The most remarkable part of the affair is that the very men who signed the manifesto subsequently repudiated it and rejected the evidence which proves that we are at the end of the world and in the day of the Lord's second presence."

20 Rather than announce the incoming Kingdom of God, Christendom's clergy have chosen to remain with Satan's world.


The WATCH TOWER 1926 July 15 pp.211-212



The INTERNATIONAL BIBLE STUDENTS In general convention assembled declare their unqualified allegiance and devotion to the Almighty God; and believing it to be their privilege and duty so to do, in obedience to the commandments of God, send this testimony to the governing powers of the world, to wit:

FIRST. That it is of paramount importance that all recognize that Jehovah, the Creator of heaven and earth, is the true and Almighty God, besides whom there is none other; that his plan for man is set forth in the Bible, which is his Word of Truth, and that Christ Jesus is the Executor of Jehovah's plan; that it is now apparent to all that the nations of the world are in dire distress and perplexity; that great trouble, more terrible than any heretofore experienced, is now threatened; that the efforts of the rulers to establish a desirable government or world power have failed: and, now be it known unto you, that the outworking of God's plan concerning man, and that alone, can and will stabilize the world, and bring lasting peace, prosperity and happiness to the peoples; and that the time has come for those who are exercising governing power over the peoples to recognize these great truths.

SECOND. That the reason for the prevailing condition of perplexity and distress is, because man disobeyed the true God and yielded to the wicked influence of Satan the false god; that Lucifer, originally the rightful overlord of man, because of his disloyalty to God became Satan the Devil, the instigator of all evil, the adversary of Goal and the arch enemy of man; that the evil one alienated man from the true God and caused him to sin, by reason of which man lost his perfect home and his right to life and happiness, that since then man has organized governments and world powers in an attempt to govern himself, but in so doing has ignored the Word of God and submitted to the control of Satan the Devil; that until now God has not interfered with Satan, to the end that man might be free to choose right or wrong and by experience learn the baneful effects of evil; but now the time has come when God will interfere in behalf of the peoples.

THIRD. That Christ Jesus, by his faithfulness unto death, became the Redeemer and Deliverer of mankind; that when on earth he taught that the time for the deliverance of the people would begin when the evil world, under the rulership of Satan, shall end: and that he, Christ Jesus, would return and set up God's kingdom of righteousness that the peoples might know and follow the right way; and for this reason he taught his followers to pray, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven" ; that in the meantime various world powers have been organized and carried on for the purpose of ruling and controlling the peoples; and these world powers are designated in the Scriptures by the symbol "beast", for the evident reason that they are the result of the combined efforts of the commercial, political and ecclesiastical leaders of men, and are influenced and dominated by Satan, the god of this world; and these powers have been and are military, harsh, cruel and oppressive, and manifest tile spirit of Satan, their invisible ruler or god; and now the repeated cries of oppressed humanity have reached unto the God of heaven, who will hear and deliver them.

FOURTH. That divine prophecy, now fulfilled and in the course of fulfilment, bears testimony to the fact that Satan's lease of power is done, that the old world has ended, and that the time is at hand when Christ Jesus, the Executive Officer of Jehovah and the rightful King of earth, will oust Satan the evil one and begin His righteous government which shall establish God's will on earth; that beginning with 1914 divine prophecy, in the course of fulfilment, gave testimony that the end of the evil world had begun in this, to wit: The world war, famine, pestilence, earthquakes, revolutions, the return of the Jews to Palestine and, later, the general distress and perplexity of the nations of the world; that this testimony of the fulfilment of the divine prophecy having been plainly given to the governing powers of the world, there is placed upon the shoulders of the rulers a responsibility that cannot be avoided.

FIFTH. That although Jehovah God furnished conclusive proof that the evil world had ended and that the time for the reign of his beloved Son had come, yet this testimony was ignored and pushed aside by those who should have known better: and contrary to the Word of God the commercial, political and ecclesiastical rulers attempted to stabilize the world and keep the peoples under control by adopting that makeshift which is called the League of Nations and which was wrongfully and blasphemously hailed as tile political expression of God's kingdom on earth; that the real author and father of the League of Nations compact is Satan the Devil, the god of this evil world, amid was put forward by him as his last desperate effort to deceive the peoples, turn them away from the true God, and hold them under his own wicked control; that now after seven years of laborious effort on the part of the proponents of that compact to establish peace and prosperity, it is practically conceded that the League of Nations is a complete failure and that its utter collapse is a matter of only a brief space of time; that even now, while its advocates are striving to reassemble their forces to maintain that disintegrating and unholy alliance the peoples are hearing the solemn warning of God's prophet concerning the federation, saying, "Associate yourselves. O ye people, and ye shall be broken in pieces; and give ear, all ye of far countries: gird yourselves and ye shall be broken in pieces. Take counsel together and it shall come to nought; speak the word and it shall not stand."-Isaiah 8:9,10.

SIXTH. That by reason of the blinding influence of Satan the minds of the rulers and the ruled are turned away from the true God, and the evil forces are gathering the whole world unto the great battle of the Lord God Almighty; that there is now impending a time of trouble such as the world has never known, during which conflict Satan's powerful organization shall fall, never to rise again, and there shall be such a demonstration of divine power that all the nations will learn that Jehovah is God and that Christ Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords.

SEVENTH. That the great tribulation will reveal to the people the kingdom of God, which kingdom shall rest upon the shoulder of his beloved Son, the Prince of Peace; and of the peace of that kingdom there shall be no end; it will bring the heart's desire of all peoples of good will, and in that kingdom the blind ignorance with which the people have long been afflicted will be forever removed; and with the knowledge of and obedience to God there shall come to the people everlasting peace, prosperity, health, life, liberty and happiness; and the kingdom will be the complete fulfilment of the prophetic song of the angels, "Peace on earth, good will toward men."

Therefore we earnestly bear before you this testimony: That Jehovah is The God, and that he has installed Christ his Son, as The King of the earth, and bids you to give full obedience to earth's rightful King. Do so and use your influence to turn the minds of the people to THE TRUE GOD, that disaster may not befall you.-Psalm 2:2-12.

Revelation -- It's Grand Climax At Hand chap. 23 pp. 148-149 The Second Woe--Armies of Cavalry

The Second Woe--Armies of Cavalry

FROM 1919 onward, the symbolic locusts' invasion of Christendom has caused the clergy much discomfort. They have tried to stamp out the locusts, but these have kept coming on stronger than ever. (Revelation 9:7) And that is not all! John writes: "The one woe is past. Look! Two more woes are coming after these things." (Revelation 9:12) Further tormenting plagues are in store for Christendom.

2 What is the source of the second woe? John writes: "And the sixth angel blew his trumpet. And I heard one voice out of the horns of the golden altar that is before God say to the sixth angel, who had the trumpet: 'Untie the four angels that are bound at the great river Euphrates.'" (Revelation 9:13, 14) The angels' release is in answer to the voice that comes from the horns of the golden altar. This is the golden incense altar, and twice previously the incense of the golden bowls from this altar has been associated with the prayers of the holy ones. (Revelation 5:8; 8:3, 4) Therefore, this one voice represents the united prayers of the holy ones on earth. They petition that they themselves be delivered for further energetic service as Jehovah's "messengers," this being the basic meaning of the Greek word here translated "angels." Why are there four angels? This symbolic number seems to indicate that they would be so organized as to cover the earth in its entirety.--Compare Revelation 7:1; 20:8.


5 Remember, the heavenly angel has just sounded the sixth trumpet. Responding thereto, the sixth of the series of Bible Students' annual international conventions was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The program there on Sunday, July 24, 1927, was aired through a chain of 53 radio stations, the most extensive broadcast network up to that time. That spoken message went out to an audience of possibly many millions. First, a forceful resolution exposed Christendom as spiritually dead and extended the invitation: "In this hour of perplexity Jehovah God bids the peoples to abandon and for ever forsake 'Christendom' or 'organized Christianity' and to turn completely away from it . . . ; [let] the peoples give their heart's devotion and allegiance wholly to Jehovah God and to his King and kingdom." "Freedom for the Peoples" was the title of the public talk that followed. J. F. Rutherford, president of the Watch Tower Society, delivered this in his usual dynamic style, appropriate to "the fire and the smoke and the sulphur" that John next observes in vision.

The WATCH TOWER 1927 October 15 pp.307-308



The International Bible Students in general convention assembled send greetings:

As Christians and witnesses to the Name of Jehovah God we deem it our privilege and duty to call your attention to the following vital facts:

FIRST: That God made of one blood all peoples and nations of men to dwell on the earth, and granted to all peoples equal rights. There is therefore no just cause or excuse for one nation to make war against another nation.

SECOND: That the foremost nations of the earth claim to be Christian nations and, taken collectively, they constitute "Christendom" or "organiged Christianity", socalled; that the men chiefly responsible for the claim that these are Christian nations are the clergymen of the various religious denominations who call themselves by the name of Christ but who in fact have denied him; that their purpose of claiming that these nations are Christian is to induce the peoples to believe that said nations, although military and cruel, are the representatives of God and his Christ on earth; that such claim is fraudulent and false and has turned the minds of millions of honest people away from the true God and from his Christ; that the invisible ruler of the nations of "Christendom", or "organized Christianity" so-called, is Satan the Devil, who has fathered the scheme of forming "organized Christianity" to deceive the people and to keep them in subjection to himself and his agencies.

That the masses of the peoples of the nations are entitled to self-government exercised by the people for the general welfare of all; but instead of enjoying such rights a small minority rules; that the money power of the world has been concentrated into the hands of a few men called high financiers, and these in turn have corrupted the men who make and execute the laws of the nations. and the faithless clergy have voluntarily joined forces with the high financiers and professional politicians and that said unholy alliance constitutes the governing powers that rule the peoples; that the masses of the peoples, acting under a misapprehension of the true facts, have borne up, carried, supported and maintained "organized Christianity"; and that without the support of the common people the unholy alliance constituting "organized Christianity" could not long exist.

THIRD: That for centuries the privileges enjoyed by men have been wholly unequal and unfair. The multitudes have produced the wealth of the world, but have been unjustly deprived of the fruits of their labors. That the leaders of "Christendom" instead of teaching the children of men the doctrines of Christ, whom they claim to follow, teach them to murder their fellow creatures; and that now the rulers are amalgamating the common people with the military, in order to make all the peoples a part of and subject to their great war machine; that by unjust laws the common people, contrary to their own wishes, have been compelled to go to war against each other, resulting in great sorrow and suffering, multitudes of broken hearts and millions of untimely graves: that "organized Christianity" has turned a deaf ear to the petitions and entreaties of the people for relief, and now the cries of the oppressed people have entered into the ears of Jehovah God, and his time is at hand to give the peoples deliverance and freedom.

FOURTH : That Jehovah is the only true God, the Friend and benefactor of the peoples. He has now set his beloved Son Christ Jesus upon his throne and bids all the people of earth to hear and to obey him who is earth's rightful King.

FIFTH: That the kings and rulers of the earth, to wit: those constituting the said unholy alliance, have been duly notified that God has set his King upon his throne and that his kingdom is at hand; but they refuse to understand or to take heed, and they walk on in darkness. Therefore God has decreed and declared that there shall come upon the world a time of tribulation such as never was known and that during that trouble "Christendom" or "organized Christianity", so-called, and all of Satan's organization shall be destroyed; and that Christ Jesus, the righteous King, will assume complete authority and control and will bless the peoples of earth.

SIXTH: That it must be now apparent to all thoughtful peoples that relief, comfort and blessings so much desired by them can never come from the unrighteous system of "Christendom" or "organized Christianity", and that there is no reason to give further support to that hypocritical and oppressive system. In this hour of perplexity Jehovah God bids the peoples to abandon and for ever forsake "Christendom" or "organized Christianity" and to turn completely away from it, because it is the Devil's organization, and to give it no support whatsoever; and that the peoples give their heart's devotion and allegiance wholly to Jehovah God and to his King and kingdom and receive full freedom and the blessings God has in store for them.

SEVENTH : For four thousand years the cherished desire of Jews has been God's Messianic kingdom. For nineteen centuries that kingdom has been the hope of real Christians. It is now at hand. True to his promise God by and through the reign of Christ will lift the burdens of the peoples, free them from war, fraud and oppression, from sickness, suffering and death and give to them a righteous government and the blessings of everlasting peace, prosperity, life, and happiness.

Revelation -- It's Grand Climax At Hand chap. 26 pp. 171-172 God's Sacred Secret--Its Glorious Climax!

God's Sacred Secret--Its Glorious Climax!

DO YOU recall the sworn declaration by the strong angel recorded at Revelation 10:1, 6, 7? He stated: "There will be no delay any longer; but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to blow his trumpet, the sacred secret of God according to the good news which he declared to his own slaves the prophets is indeed brought to a finish." Jehovah's due time has arrived for the sounding of that final trumpet! How is it, then, that the sacred secret is brought to a finish? John is truly overjoyed to inform us! He writes: "And the seventh angel blew his trumpet. And loud voices occurred in heaven, saying: 'The kingdom of the world did become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will rule as king forever and ever.'" (Revelation 11:15) Those angelic hosts have reason to speak loudly, even in thunderous tones! For this historic announcement is of universal importance. It is of vital concern to all living creation.


4 When the sounding of the seven trumpets got under way in 1922, the Bible Students' convention at Cedar Point, Ohio, featured a talk by the president of the Watch Tower Society, J. F. Rutherford, based on the scripture "The kingdom of heaven is at hand." (Matthew 4:17, King James Version) He concluded with these words: "Then back to the field, O ye sons of the most high God! Gird on your armor! Be sober, be vigilant, be active, be brave. Be faithful and true witnesses for the Lord. Go forward in the fight until every vestige of Babylon lies desolate. Herald the message far and wide. The world must know that Jehovah is God and that Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords. This is the day of all days. Behold, the King reigns! You are his publicity agents. Therefore advertise, advertise, advertise, the King and his kingdom." God's Kingdom by Christ Jesus was brought to the fore, and that set off the great surge of Kingdom preaching that has included the judgments heralded by the sounding of all seven of the angelic trumpets.

5 The trumpet blast of the seventh angel was reflected in highlights of the Bible Students' convention in Detroit, Michigan, July 30-August 6, 1928. At that time 107 broadcasting stations were tied in to what The New York Times described as 'the most extensive and expensive radio hook-up in history.' The convention enthusiastically adopted a powerful "Declaration Against Satan and for Jehovah," pointing to the overthrow, at Armageddon, of Satan and his evil organization and the emancipation of all who love righteousness. Loyal subjects of God's Kingdom were delighted to receive a convention release, the 368-page book Government. This supplied the clearest of proofs "that God set his Anointed King upon his throne in 1914."

[Emphasis added]

The WATCH TOWER 1928 September 15 pp.278-279


THE Bible Students in international convention assembled do declare themselves against Satan and wholly for Jehovah of hosts, and emphatically announce further these vital truths, to wit:

First : That the peoples of earth organized into forms of government and under the control of a superior and invisible ruler constitute the world;

Second: That Jehovah is the only true and Almighty God and the source of all just authority ; that he is the King Eternal, the God of justice, wisdom, love and power and the true friend and benefactor of all creation ;

Third : That Jehovah delegated to his son Lucifer the authority to be the overseer of man; that Lucifer became disloyal, rebelled against God and caused man to fall away from righteousness, and since that rebellion Lucifer has been known by the titles Dragon, Serpent, Satan and Devil; that Satan the Devil has caused strife amongst the nations and is responsible for all the cruel wars, wicked murders, all heinous crimes and other corrupt acts that have been committed; that until now Jehovah has not restrained Satan from the exercise of power and influence over man, to the end that mankind might learn the baneful results of evil doing; that for many centuries Satan has been the invisible ruler of the world, constantly defaming the name of Jehovah God and working great injury to men and nations;

Fourth : That Jehovah promised that in his due time he would restrain Satan and establish a righteous government in the earth that men might have an opportunity for life everlasting in happiness; and to that end he anointed his beloved Son Jesus to be the redeemer and invisible ruler of the world;

Fifth: That Jehovah's due time has come to fulfil his promise and to clear his reputation in the minds of all creation; that Christ Jesus has taken his high office as the executive of Jehovah and the great issue now is, Who is God and who shall rule the peoples and nations?

Sixth : That because Satan will not surrender his wicked rule over the nations and peoples of the earth, Jehovah of hosts with his anointed executive officer Christ Jesus will press the conflict against Satan and all of his forces of evil, and henceforth our battle-cry shall be, THE SWORD OF JEHOVAH AND OF HIS ANOINTED; that the great battle of Armageddon soon to begin will result in the full restraint of Satan and the complete overthrow of his evil organization, and that Jehovah will establish righteousness in the earth by and through Christ the new ruler and will emancipate mankind from evil and bring everlasting blessings to all the nations of the earth;

Seventh: Therefore the due time has come for all who love righteousness to take their stand on the side of Jehovah and obey and serve him with a pure heart, that they may receive the boundless blessings which the Almighty God has in reservation for them.

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