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Child Abuse and Molestation

If you are or were a victim of child abuse and molestation you may wish to view the following page at Silent Lambs for help and assistance.

The Watchtower Society were very quick to condemn Christendom for their attempted cover up and failure to notify the relevant authorities of the systemic problem of child abuse within their congregations.  The Watchtower, however failed to look at what was going on within their own organization and their own failure to handle the problem of child abuse and molestation.

Numerous cases have come to light and appeared in courts around the world in recent years and the shortcomings of how the Watchtower and its Elders handle child abuse and molestation within their congregations has been shown to be extremely lacking, particular the support of the victims.

The Watchtower Society’s only goal in  child abuse cases is to ensure that as little disrepute is brought upon their organization, or as they put it “Jehovah’s name” as possible.  They have absolutely no cause for concern for the victim of such crimes whatsoever.

The Watchtower Society insists on having two witnesses to the crime before they are willing to take disciplinary action against the accused. Given the nature of the crime it is highly unlikely that there are ever two independent witnesses of such an event.  The Watchtower advises its Elders to first report it to their legal department. At no time does the Watchtower insist that to crime is reported to the relevant authorities.

In effect due to their policy the Watchtower Society offers a relatively safe environment for repeated sex offenders and the problem remains just as large within its congregations as it does in Christendom’s, in fact there is no difference.

Lets see what the Watchtower say about the matter. You may find the first quote below a little sickening given the gravity of the topic however this is what the Watchtower suggests you do if you believe you have been molested.

“Take your time, eventually you may wish to let the matter drop”

And the punishment for the abuser

Or perhaps the one accused will confess, and a reconciliation may be achieved. What a blessing that would be!”

Yes what a blessing! And if the abuser denies it then

“there is nothing more the Elders can do”

Note there is no mention of notifying the authorities. And if the child abuse victim can’t find two or more witnesses of the event than that’s fine because;

“it can be left safely in Jehovah’s hands”

Do you think the above comments encourages victims of child abuse to come forward? No it does not.  Is the Watchtower trying to cover up the issue like they blamed the churches of christendom. Well lets see what other words of wisdom the Watchtower has to say.

The Watchtower 1st November 1995, pages 25-29

Comfort for Those With a "Stricken Spirit"

In recent years some have been "brokenhearted" for reasons that others find difficult to understand. They are adults who, on the basis of what have been described as "repressed memories," say that they were sexually abused when they were children. Some have no thought of having been molested until, unexpectedly, they experience flashbacks and "memories" of an adult (or adults) abusing them when they were young. So we look with confidence to God's Word for guidance in handling them. The Bible provides "discernment in all things." (2 Timothy 2:7; 3:16) It also helps all concerned to put faith in Jehovah, "...the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation." (2 Corinthians 1:3, 4) In the world, there is much controversy as to what these "memories" are and to what extent they represent things that actually happened. Jehovah's Witnesses are no part of the world and take no part in this controversy (John 17:16). According to published reports, "memories" have sometimes proved to be accurate. For example, after insurance adjuster Frank Fitzpatrick "remembered" being molested by a certain priest, almost one hundred others came forward to claim that they too had been abused by the same priest. The priest reportedly admitted to the abuse.

When the Samaritan came along, his heart went out to the wounded man. What did he do? Did he insist on hearing every last detail about the beating? Or did the Samaritan get a description of the robbers and immediately chase after them?.. No. True, there is a difference between physical wounds and a "stricken spirit" caused by actual childhood sexual abuse. But both cause great suffering. Hence, what the Samaritan did for the wounded Jew shows what can be done to help an afflicted fellow Christian. The first priority is to give loving comfort and to help him recover. Can we doubt that the Devil now plays upon child abuse and the "downhearted spirit" of many adults who suffered this (or are troubled by "memories" of having suffered it) to try to weaken the faith of Christians?

What of the Alleged Abuser?

A person who actually abuses a child sexually is a rapist and should be viewed as such. Anyone victimized in this way has the right to accuse his abuser. Still, an accusation should not be made hastily if it is based solely on "repressed memories" of abuse. In this case the most important thing is for the sufferer to regain a degree of emotional stability. After the passage of some time, he may be in a better position to assess the "memories" and decide what, if anything, he wants to do about them. If there is some valid reason to suspect that the alleged perpetrator is still abusing children, a warning may have to be given. The congregation elders can help in such a case. Otherwise, take your time. Eventually, you may be content to let the matter drop. If, though, you want to confront the alleged perpetrator (after first assessing how you would feel about the possible responses), you have a right to do so.

What if the sufferer decides that he wants to make an accusation? Then the two elders can advise him that, in line with the principle in Matthew 18:15, he should personally approach the accused about the matter. If the accuser is not emotionally able to do this face-to-face, it can be done by telephone or perhaps by writing a letter. In this way the one accused is given the opportunity to go on record before Jehovah with his answer to the accusation. He may even be able to present evidence that he could not have committed the abuse. Or perhaps the one accused will confess, and a reconciliation may be achieved. What a blessing that would be!

If the accusation is denied, the elders should explain to the accuser that nothing more can be done in a judicial way. And the congregation will continue to view the one accused as an innocent person. The Bible says that there must be two or three witnesses before judicial action can be taken (2 Corinthians 13:1; 1 Timothy 5:19). Even if more than one person "remembers" abuse by the same individual, the nature of these recalls is just too uncertain to base judicial decisions on them without other supporting evidence. This does not mean that such "memories" are viewed as false (or that they are viewed as true). But Bible principles must be followed in establishing a matter judicially.

What if the one accused "though denying the wrongdoing" is really guilty? Does he "get away with it," as it were? Certainly not! The question of his guilt or innocence can be safely left in Jehovah's hands.

Our Kingdom Ministry October 1972 p.8 Question Box

Question Box

What is meant by "some years ago" on page 170, paragraph two, in the "Organization" book?

This indicates more than a year or two. It may be noted that it did not say "many years ago." So it is not an exact number of years, but more like two or three years. It was not intended to have a brother go back into the distant past to bring up wrongs of which he repented years ago and that have evidently been forgiven by Jehovah and are not being practiced now. In many cases the wrongs occurred prior to the time when the "Watchtower" drew attention to what the Scriptures say on such misconduct.

If a brother has been serving faithfully for some years and has seen evidence of Jehovah's blessings upon him, why should he now step down from office? If he has the right viewpoint now on conduct and will give good counsel he should be able to continue to serve. If the local body of elders see that he has the respect of the congregation and has shown the proper qualifications over the last two or three years, he may remain in his position of service.

Must wrongdoing be brought to public attention after many years? The book (page 168) under "Public Reproof" quotes 1?Timothy 5:20 and mentions reproof of those who confess to committing more than one offense. But it really has to do with recent events. The "Interlinear" refers to those "sinning," something going on at the time. So if repentance occurred some years ago, three years ago or more, and sinning ceased, and he is respected by the congregation, it is not necessary now to publicly reprove one who committed more than one offense "some years ago."

[Emphasis Added]


Watchtower 1973 November 15 pp.703-704 Questions from Readers

Questions from Readers

• Do Paul's words at 1?Corinthians 6:1-7 mean that under no circumstances should a Christian take to court a case involving a fellow believer?—U.S.A.

The apostle Paul's inspired admonition is: "Does anyone of you that has a case against the other dare to go to court before unrighteous men, and not before the holy ones? Or do you not know that the holy ones will judge the world? And if the world is to be judged by you, are you unfit to try very trivial matters? Do you not know that we shall judge angels? Why, then, not matters of this life? If, then, you do have matters of this life to be tried, is it the men looked down upon in the congregation that you put in as judges? I am speaking to move you to shame. Is it true that there is not one wise man among you that will be able to judge between his brothers, but brother goes to court with brother, and that before unbelievers? Really, then, it means altogether a defeat for you that you are having lawsuits with one another. Why do you not rather let yourselves be wronged? Why do you not rather let yourselves be defrauded?"—1?Cor. 6:1-7.

Here Paul was showing the Corinthian Christians the inconsistency of taking disputes between Christians before secular tribunals. The judges would be men who were not governed by the lofty principles of God's law and whose consciences were not trained through a study of his Word. As many of the judges at that time were corrupt and accepted bribes, Christians had little reason to believe that their judgment would be just. Paul referred to them as "unrighteous men." Were Christians to take their disputes before such men, they would be 'putting in as judges' men whom the congregation looked down upon as lacking integrity.

Then, too, in taking matters before unbelievers for judgment, they would, in effect, be saying that no one in the congregation had the wisdom to judge "matters of this life" among Christians. This was wholly inconsistent with the fact that spirit-anointed Christians as heavenly associate rulers of the Lord Jesus Christ would be judging, not only men, but also angels. And by dragging fellow believers before pagan judges, they would bring great reproach upon God's name. As outsiders would be led to believe that Christians were no different from other people in being unable to settle differences, the interests of true worship would be injured. It would have been far better for individual Christians to take personal loss rather than to injure the entire congregation by bringing their disputes to public notice.

In view of the foregoing, would dedicated Christians today go before secular courts if that were to injure the advancement of true worship or misrepresent it in the eyes of outsiders? No. Of course, as all other people, true Christians are still imperfect humans. They make mistakes, and problems arise in connection with business matters and the like. But differences of this nature ought to be settled within the congregation, for God's Word provides the needed guidelines and there are men in the congregation who are well grounded in the Bible.

However, if a Christian refuses to correct a serious wrong when it is made clear to him by elders serving in judicial capacity in the congregation, such a one would be expelled. This is in line with Jesus' words: "If he does not listen even to the congregation, let him be to you just as a man of the nations and as a tax collector." (Matt. 18:17) Thus, for example, one who defrauded his Christian brother or who failed to provide materially for his wife and children would find himself outside the congregation if he did not repent.—1?Tim. 5:8.

The injured party could thereafter decide whether legal action should be taken in an attempt to force the guilty one, now disfellowshiped, to rectify matters. Of course, the injured party would want to take into consideration whether it would be worth the time and expense as well as whether the congregation could still come into disrepute by bringing to public attention the actions of one of its former members. If the wronged Christian conscientiously felt that God's name would not be reproached and legal action was definitely needed, he would not necessarily be acting contrary to the spirit of Paul's counsel if he were to take to court one who was no longer a part of the Christian congregation. Jehovah God has permitted secular authority to serve as his instrument in bringing lawbreakers to justice, and in this case the one wronged would be availing himself of legal help after exhausting the intracongregational means to have the wrong corrected.—Rom. 13:3,?4.

There may even be times when Christian brothers conscientiously feel that they could go to court with fellow believers. This might be to obtain compensation from an insurance company. In some countries the law may specify that certain matters have to be handled in a court, such as wills that may have to be probated by courts. But this does not create adverse publicity or bring reproach upon the congregation. In handling such legal matters that would not affect the congregation adversely, Christians can be governed by what they consider to be best under the circumstances.

However, if any member of the Christian congregation, without regard for the effect of his action on the good name of the congregation, ignores the counsel from God's Word on this matter, such one would not be "free from accusation" as a Christian. He would not be one who has "a fine testimony from people on the outside" of the congregation. (Titus 1:6; 1?Tim. 3:7) He surely would not be an example for others to imitate, so this would affect the privileges that he might have in the congregation.

[Emphasis Added]

Watchtower 1979 January 1 p.32 From Seminary to 'Pioneering'

From Seminary to 'Pioneering'

"I came from a very Catholic family and was sent to study for the priesthood. In the seminary we took certain oaths of chastity, poverty and humility but I noticed that these did not mean much and that many were homosexuals. When one man tried to abuse me, I left the seminary. Then I began to live a very dissolute life. I was in a Latin-American country and became a smuggler of drugs, liquor, tobacco and arms. I was in prison various times. Finally, in Puerto Rico I set up a business and tried to change my life, but due to drunkenness I went bankrupt. Finally, in a very decrepit state I called on God for help. I asked a Pentecostal man to help, but he just told me to come to his church and receive the holy spirit.

"Then I opened up another business and found a man who would work with me. I asked his religion and he said he was one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Right away I asked him to help me to read the Bible. He came to my home and we studied from 2:00?p.m. to 5:00?p.m. one Sunday. I told him not to ask me to attend his church, as I was not interested in churches. He promised to respect my wishes. That afternoon I began reading the book that we had studied and at 12:00 midnight I had finished it. Next day when the Witness came to work I asked him to take me to his church. He was surprised, of course, but then I told him that I had read the book and wanted to attend a meeting to see if this was really the truth. I went to a meeting and was very impressed. Upon coming home I told my wife to prepare some nice clean, neat clothes because I wanted to go again to the meeting but wanted to be dressed like the rest. .?.?. Now my business is doing fine, I have paid my debts, am an auxiliary pioneer, daily telling others about God's kingdom, and making plans for the regular pioneer work."—Contributed.

[Emphasis Added]

Awake! 1979 June 8 p.30 Watching the World

Fraud by Church-run Child Charities

• Are church-run child-care agencies free of the greed and abuse that often characterize secular agencies? New York magazine answers that "audits, investigations, and analyses of [all] agencies' reimbursement records on file with the [New York] Department of Social Services, Special Services for Children, show a system of pervasive mismanagement and greed." The audits included agencies "associated with such prominent groups as Catholic Charities, the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, and the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies." New York notes that "some of the worst child-care agencies have gone unaudited for seven or eight years." Why? "Because of the political power of the religious agencies involved," says the article.

[Emphasis Added]

Awake! 1981 February 8 pp.18-19 Incest--The Hidden Crime

Handling the Problem

Handling incest has not proved easy. It is a secret crime. Families often try to keep it hidden. Mothers who know that "something is going on" may turn a blind eye, afraid of disrupting the family. Children who report their parents may come under strong pressure to withdraw the complaint. Yet, in the experience of many specialists, children rarely lie about incest.

Some feel that prison is not always the answer for the molester. Hence, counseling centers have been set up where these families can be treated as a whole. Explaining what he thinks is very important in such treatment, Hank Giarretto says: "[The father] must face the daughter and accept full responsibility for whatever happened." This may be difficult for the father to do; but it is a way he can try to undo some of the harm that has been done to the child.

Outsiders can help too. Many victims have testified how, through patient, considerate and selfless care, they were assisted to overcome the emotional confusion and start planning for the future. The scars may never completely disappear; but with persistence, they will at least recede into the background.

[Emphasis Added]

Awake! 1981 October 8 p.28 From Our Readers


I'm an agnostic who was forced into a premature disability retirement because my employer would curtail employee smoking only to protect the machines, such as computers. I surely appreciate the articles you've written on smoking. I was raised as a Catholic and have a strong sense of reverence for life. It has long been my belief that smoking wouldn't be our nation's number one health problem if more clergymen and their congregations were to practice what they preach about love for their fellowman. The Catholic Church is against abortion, suicide, child abuse and self-abuse, except when caused by smoking. Thanks. I know you'll keep up the good work.

E. C., Arizona

[Emphasis Added]

You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth chap. 22 pp.187-188 Identifying the True Religion

12 There are church members who have the Bible and even study it, but the way they live their lives shows that they are not following it. Of persons like that, the Bible says: "They publicly declare they know God, but they disown him by their works." (Titus 1:16; 2?Timothy 3:5) If church members who gamble, get drunk or do other wrongs are permitted to remain in good standing within their church, what does this show? It is evidence that their religious organization is not approved by God.—1?Corinthians 5:11-13.

[Emphasis Added]

Awake! 1985 July 22 p.28 From Our Readers--Response on Child Molesting

These are just a few of the many letters received that show the frightening scope of the problem. We are living in truly decadent times. (2?Timothy 3:1,?3) There have even been cases involving Christian families, which had to be handled by the congregation elders! Never forget that while child molesting is usually a sin committed by adults, it is children who carry the burden. It is tragic that so many children are being robbed of their childhood by adults who have no self-control. The emotional wounds inflicted on these young ones may last a whole lifetime!

[Emphasis Added]

Watchtower 1986 January 1 p.13 Days Like "the Days of Noah"

12 Shocking as it is, even some who have been prominent in Jehovah's organization have succumbed to immoral practices, including homosexuality, wife swapping, and child molesting. It is to be noted, also, that during the past year, 36,638 individuals had to be disfellowshipped from the Christian congregation, the greater number of them for practicing immorality. Jehovah's organization must be kept clean! (1?Corinthians 5:9-13) This is a time for congregation elders, ministerial servants, and indeed all our brothers and sisters to avoid any circumstances that could lead to immorality. Loyalty to Jehovah's standards will be rewarded, as Psalm 97:10 states: "O you lovers of Jehovah, hate what is bad. He is guarding the souls of his loyal ones; out of the hand of the wicked ones he delivers them."

[Emphasis Added]

Awake! 1989 January 22 pp.9-11 Christendom Walks in the Way of Canaan

The Roman Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is blunt in its disapproval of homosexuality, branding it a gross sin. But in practice the church conducts a cover-up for guilty priests and even makes it possible for them to continue their sexual perversions. Certainly, Pope John Paul?II had warm words for homosexuals when he declared: "They are in the heart of the church."

An independent Catholic newspaper, the National Catholic Reporter, of February?27, 1987, said that homosexual clergy estimated that 50 percent of the U.S. Catholic priesthood is homosexual. This figure is contested. One psychologist, basing his statement on 1,500 interviews, says that 20?percent of the 57,000 U.S. Catholic priests are homosexual, whereas more recent reports make "other therapists think the true figure today may be closer to 40?percent."

Just over a year ago, newspapers across the country were flooded with reports of sexual assaults on children by Catholic priests. The following report from the San Jose, California, Mercury News, December?30, 1987, is typical:

"At a time of heightened national awareness of the problems of child abuse, the Catholic Church in the United States continues to ignore and cover up cases of priests who sexually molest children, according to court records, internal church documents, civil authorities and the victims themselves.

"Church officials insist that a notorious 1985 Louisiana case in which a priest molested at least 35 boys has taught them to deal firmly with the problem. But a three-month Mercury News investigation reveals that in more than 25 dioceses across the country, church officials have failed to notify authorities, transferred molesting priests to other parishes, ignored parental complaints and disregarded the potential damage to child victims. .?.?. Millions of dollars in damages already have been paid to victims and their families, and one 1986 church report estimated that the church's liability could reach $1 billion over the next decade."

The "notorious 1985 Louisiana case" mentioned in the Mercury News report concerned a priest named Gilbert Gauthe. There has been a "payment of $12 million to his victims." The homosexual activities of Gauthe were known for many years, but ?the diocese handled the problem by transferring him from parish to parish at least three times.' In one instance "parents testified that Gauthe sodomized their 7-year-old son on his first day as an altar boy and for a year afterward, until the priest was transferred."

The "damage to child victims" was also mentioned in that report. Sometimes the damage is final. One 12-year-old boy took his life, leaving a note saying that "it wasn't worth living" after having been "made a virtual sex slave of a Franciscan brother." Another, molested by a priest, hanged himself after telling his brother, "Contact Father S.— and tell him I forgive him."

Most sexual assault cases involve boys, but many girls are also victimized. As reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer of December 19, 1987, a 16-year-old girl and her parents filed a civil suit in 1986 against seven priests for sexual molestation. She had become pregnant, and the priests urged her to get an abortion. When she refused, they arranged to send her to the Philippines to cover up her pregnancy. The church is against homosexuality and abortion but apparently not when it involves their own priests.

The newspaper reports go on and on listing many specific cases of Catholic youths sodomized by Catholic priests, of millions of dollars being paid out to settle lawsuits, of many settlements made out of court, and of insurance companies that "will no longer cover diocesan personnel against molestation charges."

Thomas Fox, editor of the National Catholic Reporter, says: "There has been a national cover-up of the problem for years by the bishops." Eugene Kennedy, a former priest and now psychology professor at Loyola University, says: "What you see in the courts is just the tip of the iceberg." Thomas Doyle, Dominican priest and canon lawyer, declares: "The sexual molesting of little boys by priests is the single most serious problem we've had to face in centuries."

[Emphasis Added]

Awake! 1989 November 8 p.28 Watching the World


"For years, Roman Catholic priests and other church workers in Newfoundland parishes had repeatedly abused dozens of children, most of them young boys, many of them orphans in the care of their attackers," reports Canada's newsmagazine Maclean's. "Nor is the scandal limited to Newfoundland: at least six more cases of sexual abuse of children by Catholic churchmen have turned up elsewhere in Canada, and more than 20 in the United States." With reports of sexual abuse mounting each month—a total of 17 priests and others affiliated with the church have already been charged—faith and trust of many Catholics in their priests have been shaken. Most disturbing is the accusation that sexual abuse in the church not only has been long-standing but has usually been covered up and the offending priest simply moved to another parish where new offenses were sometimes committed. Parents have reacted by refusing to allow their sons to become altar boys or even to permit their children to enter a confessional. "The Roman collar, once worn with pride, has become a source of embarrassment and suspicion," says Paul Stapleton, vice-chairman of the St.?John's Catholic school board. "The recent events put all priests under a cloud of spoken or silent suspicion. The message seems to be: You cannot trust anyone but yourself and God."

[Emphasis Added]

Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock (1991), p.110-111


[Learn more about this lesser known book]

Handling Judicial Cases

Do not send an individual any kind of correspondence that directly accuses him of specific wrongdoing.

It is best for two elders to speak with the individual and invite him to meet with the Judicial committee.

Suitable arrangements should be made as to the time and place of the hearing.

State what the person's course of action is supposed to have been.

If it is necessary to send a written invitation, you should simply state what the individual's course is alleged to have been, the time and place of the hearing, and how the person can contact the chairman if the arrangements are inconvenient for him.

If the accused wishes to bring witnesses who can speak in his defense regarding the matter, he may do so.

However, observers are not permitted.

No tape-recording devices are allowed.

If the accused repeatedly fails to come to the hearing, the committee will proceed with the hearing but will not make a decision until evidence and any testimony by witnesses are considered.

The committee should not take action against a person unless the evidence clearly proves this necessary.

Failure to appear before the committee is not in itself proof of guilt.

What kind of evidence is acceptable?

There must be two or three eyewitnesses, not just persons repeating what they have heard; no action can be taken if there is only one witness. (Deut. 19:15;Jol1ll 8:17)

Confession (admission of wrongdoing), either written or oral, may be accepted as conclusive proof without other corroborating evidence. (Josh. 7:19)

Strong circumstantial evidence, such as pregnancy or evidence (testified to by at least two witnesses) that the accused stayed all night in the same house with a person of the opposite sex (or in the same house with a known homosexual) under improper circumstances, is acceptable.

The testimony of youths may be considered; it is up to the elders to determine if the testimony has the ring of truth.

The testimony of unbelievers may also be considered, but it must be carefully weighed.

If there are two or three witnesses to the same kind of wrongdoing but each one is witness to a separate incident, their testimony can be considered.

Such evidence may be used to establish guilt, but it is preferable to have two witnesses to the same occurrence of wrongdoing.

[Emphasis Added]

To All Bodies Of Elders In The United States 2002 February 15 p.4

Reminders Regarding the Handling of Cases Involving Child Abuse: (1) As directed in the July 1, 1989, letter to all bodies of elders, you should immediately call the Legal Department for direction if you learn of a case of child abuse. Child abuse would include sexual abuse, self-evident physical abuse, and extreme neglect involving a minor. (2) If the alleged victim is now an adult but was a minor at the time of the abuse, please call the Legal Department. (3) If you become aware of a past case of child abuse and you are not certain whether the elders involved at the time called the Legal Department for direction, please call the Legal Department for assistance as soon as possible. (4) Child abuse is a crime. Never suggest to anyone that they should not report an allegation of child abuse to the police or other authorities. If you are asked, make it clear that whether to report the matter to the authorities or not is a personal decision for each individual to make and that there are no congregation sanctions for either decision. That is, no elder will criticize anyone who reports such and allegation to the authorities.

[Emphasis added]

Awake! 1980 September 8 p.29 Watching the World

Church "Cover-up" Fails

• Goaded by a Pulitzer Prize-winning exposé and threatened legal action, the Roman Catholic Church finally made payment of $2.9 million (U.S.) to some 1,500 elderly Catholics who years ago bought bonds from a scandal-ridden religious order. A series of newspaper reports exposing financial abuses by the Pauline Fathers of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, won the prestigious Pulitzer award for public-service journalism. The series by Gannett News Service also exposed what it calls a "massive cover-up" by the church, involving "some of the most powerful churchmen in this country and Rome—including Pope John Paul II." Charles Germain, spokesman for Bishop George H. Guilfoyle of Camden, New Jersey, said the bishop would not comment on the matter, but also observed: "The diocese is a corporation. If you had a scandal, you'd do anything to cover it up, too."

[Emphasis Added]

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