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Kingdom Melodies - Sing Praises to Jehovah

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Sing Praises to Jehovah (1984) Song 8 Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order

Song 8

Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order

(1 Corinthians 14:33)

1. As Jehovah's people sound throughout the earth
Truths about the Kingdom, of such priceless worth,
Theocratic order they must all obey  [note: see God's Organisation and Cult]
And remain united, loyalty display.


2. Jesus Christ, our Leader, is in full control;
He equips the soldiers that he does enroll.
'Tis a spir'tual warfare, so we have to act
As a group, united, close-knit, and compact.

3. Then we have God's steward and His active force.
These will ever guide us in our Christian course.
So may we be steadfast, seeking God to please,
Loyally proclaiming all his wise decrees!

Loyal submission in recognition,
This to our God we owe.
He gives protection, tender affection.
Loyalty to him we show.

[Emphasis Added]

Sing Praises to Jehovah (1984) Song 59 Appreciating God's Reminders

Song 59

Appreciating God's Reminders

(Psalm 119)

1. Happy are those heeding God's reminders,
Who search for him with all the heart,
Who his statutes carry out so promptly
And from his laws do not depart.
God's commandments they appreciate,

And his loving-kindness they relate.
For his laws they manifest a fondness,
For on him they have learned to wait.

2. Wondrous is Jehovah's loving-kindness;
It reaches far beyond the skies!
His judicial rulings do preserve us,
Though all the proud smear us with lies. [note: see Paranoid]
Those who love God's law have perfect peace;
Never will their blessedness decrease.
Just as one exults when finding great spoil,
Our joy in God's Word will increase.

3. May our pleadings come before Jehovah
That we his Word may understand.
May he hear our pray'r and grant us favor
And rescue us with his strong hand.
May our hearts to God keep ever true,
That what he says we may always do.
Loyal, righteous is our God, Jehovah.
Daily, our strength he does renew.

[Emphasis Added]

Sing Praises to Jehovah (1984) Song 111 The Light Gets Brighter

Song 111

The Light Gets Brighter

(Proverbs 4:18)

1. Light from God's Word keeps shining ever brighter,
Is getting ever lighter as the day draws near.
Truths, Kingdom truths, Jehovah is revealing;
To us he is appealing: 'Come, incline your ear.'
Gone the time when false religion
Kept us in its dismal prison.
Truth was revived.
The Lord's day arrived.
Light has flashed forth as rays of sun at daybreak,
Transmitting to the righteous ones the bright shining light,
God's bright shining light.

2. Light on the path of righteous ones increases.
Jehovah it releases with such loving care.
True understanding he is now unfolding;
His people he is molding with his truths so fair.
Sometimes due to imperfection
There may seem to be deflection;
But truth refines
As light brighter shines.
Our gracious God sends forth more light to help us.
He flashes forth his glorious light, a light brighter still,
A light brighter still.  [note: See New Light Doctrine]

3. Bright is the light that shines now on our pathway,
Just like the sun at noonday in a cloudless sky.
Our God is light and can but us enlighten;
Our pathway he will brighten, so we need not sigh.
Never should we doubt or worry,
Seek to force the truth to hurry.
Keep to the way,
And there ever stay.

Light has flashed up and will keep on increasing.
The righteous are rejoicing, for so bright is the light.
So bright is the light.

[Emphasis Added]

Sing Praises to Jehovah (1984) Song 27 Fear them Not!

Song 27

Fear Them Not!

(Matthew 10:28)

1. Ever onward, O my people,
Let the Kingdom tidings go.
Tremble not before your foe.
Let all lovers of truth know
That my reigning Son, Christ Jesus,
From the heav'ns has cast the foe,
Soon will bind the Devil, Satan,
Letting all his victims go.

2. Though your foes be strong and many,
Though they threaten and revile,
Though they use fair speech and smile,
The unwary to beguile,

Fear them not, my faithful warriors.
Fight! Let not your heart grow faint;
For I will preserve the faithful,
Keep them free from all restraint.

3. Never fear you are forgotten;
I am still your strength and shield.
Though you die upon the field,
Even death to me will yield.

Fear them not, my Christian warriors;
Though men's boasting threats may fly,
I will keep all who are faithful
As the apple of my eye.

Fear not those who kill the body
But cannot destroy the soul.

Faithful to the end continue;
I will help you reach your goal.

[Emphasis Added]

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