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Aluminum - The Curse of Humanity

When it comes to scientific and health matters the Watchtower always ensures that its advice is sound and reliable.  Or does it rely on its spiritual guidance it receives from above. I would suggest not otherwise we would not get to here about some of thier previous beliefs, such as gravity does not exist, outrageous uses for antimatter and dangerous aluminum cookware.  Yes apparently the most commonest cause for toxemia after syphilis is Aluminum cookware, and should be viewed as the curse of humanity. Apparently if ten thousand doctors swore on ten thousand Bibles that aluminum ware is harmless to human being they would not believe them.

Do you think Jehovah would let the Watchtower make such fools of themselves and bring embarrassment to his divine name?

The Golden Age 1930 p.650

As a result of the publication of wholesome truth on the subject, there are fewer people now purchasing aluminum cooking utensils than heretofore. There is also a pronounced drop in the cancer death rate. Much aluminum used: many cancers. Less aluminum used: fewer cancers.

[Emphasis Added]

The Golden Age 1931 October 28 p.54

Unlike Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, Dr. A. S. Cushman, and other. . . apologists for the aluminum trust, they do not stop at mere chemical or electronic analysis and draw conclusions therefrom, but they establish a convincing connection between this method of taking particles of aluminum or compounds thereof into the human system and the definite effect on the person thus partaking. Dr. Wiley and Dr. Cushman merely analyzed food for aluminum, and, because they found only small quantities or mere traces of aluminum in suspected food, concluding that persons partaking of such food could not possibly become poisoned thereby; while Dr. Love and Dr. Betts each found poisoned persons and then traced the poison by means of scientific tests back to the aluminum and the aluminum-poisoned food.

[Emphasis Added]

The Golden Age 1932 October 26 p.35

[Aluminum cooking utensils are] a curse to humanity and their manufacture and use should be forbidden by law.

[Emphasis Added]

The Golden Age, Nov. 12, 1929, p. 107

If the organs [of your body] are diseased, heal them by correcting your diet. Avoid the use of aluminum cooking utensils and alum baking powders as they are injurious to your health, poisoning your blood stream... Sleep on the right side or flat on your back, with the head toward the north so as to get benefit of the earth's magnetic currents. Avoid serum inoculations as they pollute the blood stream with their filthy pus.... Stop chewing gum, as you need the saliva for your food.

[Emphasis Added]

The Golden Age 1929, p. 436 "Some Unusual Sources and Results of Aluminum Poisoning"

This poison must be excreted from the body by bowels or kidneys; and thus, in cleaning up the body, you find it last in anus and urethra and sometimes in prostate. If the bowels act fully and completely and from two to three times a day, as they should, then this poison can pass through the body without much of bad effects. But if the bowels are sluggish, then you get a loading up and damming back, until every organ in the body is poisoned and it finally breaks out though ulcers, etc. An ulcer is nothing but the effort of the body to throw off chronic excess poison at that point. That same thing is true in cancer. Here you always find, according to these tests, natrium muriate and aluminum nitrate being excreted, and potassium nitrate present.


…from eighty to ninety percent of all my patients, both in acute and chronic cases, show aluminum poisoning in one or more places in the body. Thus, after syphilis … [aluminum] is the most common source of toxemia…

[Emphasis Added]

The Golden Age 1936 Sept. 23 p.803-812 Aluminum Poisoning Achievements

It was salts of aluminum that killed the children, and is killing the whole country… Meantime "health experts" are filling the papers and magazines with pictures and stories and lies of how supremely healthful aluminum utensils are. It is astonishing what a capacity the American people have for absorbing lies. And don't the Big Business boys know it well?


Aluminum Trust Guilty of Two More Murders

. . . to make food poisonous. . . let it stand long enough in the aluminum vessel in which it is cooked. With this preliminary information anybody except a hardware merchant, or a publisher of advertisements, or a member of the A.M.A. will understand [a]...dispatch [that] appeared in the Miami (Fla.) Daily Tribune for June 27, under the headline "Bad Potatoes Kill Two Boys." It is not surprising how quickly and efficiently the [Aluminum] trust gets on the job to cover up the truth in every one of these cases of aluminum poisoning? All that was necessary to conceal the truth was to use the word "bacterial" instead of the word "aluminum," and the trick is done as neatly as any hangman ever tied a nose. But will those who arrange and support this diabolical propaganda to suppress the truth be able to answer to Almighty God for the suffering and misery of which they are the direct cause?

[Emphasis Added]

Awake! 1947 Jan. 8 p.23 Is Aluminum Poisonous?

Among the first to discover the injurious effects of aluminum upon the human organism was Dr. C.T. Betts, a dentist with a talent for analysis. Doctors had given him up. He could not live much longer, they said. But Dr. Betts went west for a final try, at some mineral springs. One day, when filling an aluminum cup at one of these springs he noted that the water was effervescent in the cup. A lady filling a glass jar obtained no such results. The dentist's busy brain went to work on the simple fact, and he began to associate the phenomenon with the aluminum, and the aluminum with his illness. Returning home he discontinued the use of aluminum in his kitchen for a while to see. He did see. The aluminum disappeared from the kitchen and the sickness disappeared from the doctor.

[Emphasis Added]

Awake! 1948 May 22 p.11 Take Out Potatoes, Toss in Silver

If you have cooked your potatoes or any legume, such as peas or beans, in your aluminum container, just take out the vegetables and toss your silver into the water in which they were cooked. While you are eating your vegetables, the broth in the aluminum pot will be eating the tarnish off your silverware...The purpose in publishing this news is not only to offer a practical kitchen help to the housewife. A more important reason is to draw attention to the role of aluminum cooking ware. When vegetable broth contacts aluminum a chemical solution is created that is powerful enough to eat the rust off silver. Would you care to eat this solution? Don't you wonder whether it is also powerful enough to affect the human system...

[Emphasis Added]

Awake! 1949 Aug 8 p.16 Inside Story About Aluminum

The facts of the subject are an inside story, but since your insides and those of millions of other people are involved, Dr. C.T. Betts, of Toledo, Ohio, has brought out facts which were being covered up. He found from personal experience, experiment and observation how injurious aluminum can be. He has issued an interesting pamphlet on "How Does the Government Suppress the Truth About Aluminum?" The pamphlet includes a personal narrative. In 1913 Dr. Betts was told by three physicians he had but a few months to live. Dr. Betts is alive today. He cured himself by discontinuing the use of aluminum cooking utensils. He had found that aluminum in contact with mineral water produced gas. He noted how aluminum or alum, mixed with soda and sulfuric acid, was sold as baking powder, to make gas in the dough. The same chemical reaction occurred in the stomach when aluminum that had come off into the food contacted gastric juices...

[Emphasis Added]

Watchtower 1952 February 1 pp.95-6 Questions from Readers

A folder advertising the supposed health aids of The Jonadab Wise School of Health was distributed to Jehovah's witnesses attending the recent assembly in Washington, D.C., and among other things said: "This unusual authentic service is prepared and offered to you by Jehovah's Witnesses." Does the Watchtower Society endorse this?—W. H., California.

No, the Society does not endorse it. For the sake of the record, let us say that we are not medical advisers. We leave it up to each individual to choose his own type of treatment. Some may favor surgery, some medicines, some diets, and some may prefer other forms of treatment. One illness may require surgery, another may call for dieting. Also, the treatment that helps one may be of no aid or even be detrimental to another. So let each one go to those who are trained in the treatment of his choice. The Society is formed for the purpose of preaching the gospel, and in this field of activity we are happy to offer help and advice. We are not professionally trained doctors, and do not advise on health matters except as they may involve Scriptural issues, such as in the case of blood transfusions.

From time to time we do publish articles on such subjects as surgery, chiropractic, osteopathy, zone therapy, etc. Such articles constitute no endorsement of these practices by us. They are offered in Awake! on the same basis that articles on other subjects are offered, namely, as general information and not as a recommendation. God's provision to restore us to perfection is the ransom by Christ Jesus. In the meantime, fanaticism in health matters is unwise, and absorption in health fads is a form of introversion that keeps the mind on oneself, which is conducive to neither physical nor spiritual health. Sweeping claims for cures by this or that system are always suspect. As stated before, each individual differs. (Rom. 14:2, 3) Moderation is usually beneficial.

Finally, if any claim that the Society is supporting this or that health program, be alerted that such one is wrongly using the Society's name for commercial purposes, for personal gain. (1 Tim. 6:5-10) Some may attempt to boost their pills or other health products or practices by naming one prominent among Jehovah's witnesses as a user or patient; that should never be taken to mean that the Society backs such pills or practices. There are both honest ones trying to help and crooked ones working a racket in all the various fields of orthodox and unorthodox therapies. The Society is separate from them, wholly absorbed in its work of gospel-preaching.

[Emphasis Added]

Awake! 1962 Je 22 pp.8-10 What About Aluminum Cooking Utensils?

What about the aluminum cooking utensils?...At present the great majority of authorities in medical and scientific fields gave aluminum a rather clean bill of health. Perhaps the most learned and extensive by the Kettering Laboratories [in a report that] consists of ninety pages and was made by a group of scientists who consulted 1,500 books, articles and reports on the subject. It concludes with this statement: "There is no reason for concern about the hazards to human health derived from well-established and extensive current uses of such products. Nor need there be concern over the more extended uses which would seem to be in the offing."...For Christian ministers, especially, it is well to note that, apart from eating what they have found to be good for them, there are other things of far greater importance than material food. Rom. 14:17.

[Emphasis Added]

The Golden Age 1928, 25 July p695

...if ten thousand doctors swore on ten thousand Bibles that aluminum ware is harmless to human beings, I would not believe them...

[Emphasis added]

The Golden Age 1928, 14 November p114

...since discontinuing the aluminum vessels I hardly know what headaches and indigestion are and my bowels move freely and regularly, every morning and some times at noon and usually every night.

[Emphasis added]

The Golden Age 1928, 14 November p115

....I transferred my lot of aluminum from the kitchen to the junk pile. In a short time our food began to digest, the pains left, and we both have very good health for people of our age.

 [Emphasis added]

The Golden Age 28 November p136/7

What the people need more than food is faith in God, and a set of active bowels which means a healthy brain....Up until now he has been poisoned, stupefied, clogged and hampered by the Devil. He has been a slave to politicians, wholesale food magnates, preachers, railroads, bad cooks, worse doctors, an abnormal appetite, greedy undertakers and aluminum cooking utensils.

[Emphasis added]

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