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1799 - The Start of the Time of the End.

How does the Watchtower come up with 1799? The Watchtower uses the 1,260 prophetic years, mentioned in Daniel 12:7 “a time, times and a half”, and adds it to the year when the Ostrogothic monarchy was overthrown in A.D. 539.

The Watchtower believed that the important date of 1799 was marked by Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt. The Watchtower believed and taught this up until 1927. 

The Watchtower now believe that these 1,260 prophetic days refer to time period that the Watchtower’s president, J.F. Rutherford spent in prison from June 21st 1918 until May 5th 1920 on charges of espionage. Although this period of time is only equal to 684 days, who is going argue with the Watchtower!

The date of 1799 no longer forms part of their teachings

"The Watchtower March, 1922

The indisputable facts, therefore, show that the "time of the end" began in 1799 .." {WT Mar 1 1922

{Emphasis added}

Studies in Sciptures - Thy Kingdom Come - 1915 p44

Having thus furnished grounds for establishing the identity of this character (Napoleon), whose deeds mark the beginning of the 'Time of the End,' the prophecy proceeds to show which particular event of that time is to be understood as definitely marking the exact date of the beginning of the 'Time of the End.' This event is shown to be Napoleon's invasion of Egypt, which covered a period of a year and nearly five months. He sailed May, 1798 and, returning, landed in France Oct. 9, 1799. This campaign is graphically described in a few words in verses 40-44. Verse 40: 'And at the (fixed) Time of the End shall the king of the South (Egypt) fight against him, and the king of the North (England) shall come against him like a tempest, with chariots and with horsemen (the Egyptian Mamelukes, etc.) and with a great navy. (The English forces consisted of a navy under Admiral Nelson.) And he (Napoleon) shall enter into the countries, and shall destroy and pass through (victoriously).

[Emphasis added]

Creation 1927, p314

Napoleon began this Egyptian campaign in 1798, finished it and returned to France on October 1, 1799. The campaign is briefly, yet graphically, described in the prophecy, verses 40 to 44 (Daniel 11:40-44); and being completed in 1799 marks, according to the Prophet's own words, the beginning of the 'time of the end

[Emphasis added]

Creation 1927 p315

In Biblical Symbology a “time” means a year or twelve months of thirty days each.  Each day is considered a year, as the profit says : ‘I have appointed thee each day for a year.’ (Ezekiel 4:6) Here are mentioned, then, three and a half times of 360 prophetic days, which would mark the beginning of the time of the end of this beastly order. Twelve hundred and sixty years from A.D. 539 brings us to 1799, which is another proof that 1799 definitely marks the beginning of “the time of the end”. This also shows that is from the date 539 A.D. that the other prophetic days must be counted

[Emphasis Added]

The Watchtower, November 1, 1922, p.332-337 DISCOURSE BY BROTHER J. F. RUTHERFORD

The period from 1799 to 1874 could not be said to be a day of preparation, but a day of increasing light. It is not reasonable to think that the King began to make preparations until he was present.

[Emphasis Added]

Creation 1927 p319

There are two important dates here that we must not confuse, but clearly differentiate; namely, the beginning of “the time of the end” and the beginning of the presence of the lord. “The time of the end” embraces the period from 1799 A.D to the time complete overthrow of Satan’s empire and the establishment of the kingdom of messiah.  The time of the Lord’s second presence dates from 1874 and is during the latter part of the period known as “the time of the end”.

[Emphasis Added]

Thy Kingdom Come - 1915  P23

The time of the end - Its commencement, A.D, 1799

[Emphasis Added]

Studies in the Scriptures IV - Battle of Armageddon p584

The fact is that the entire Gospel age has been a period of tribulation referred to in Matt. 24:9-12, and now in verse 29. (1) The early Church was persecuted by civil Rome, while later, when Papal Rome got control, all who refused to approve her abominations were persecuted by her (Jezebel) directly, or indirectly by the civil powers to which she was wedded (Ahab). And they were given into her power, and she wore out the saints of the Most High for a time, times and a half time - 1260 years - until A.D. 1799. And this long persecution, in which 'many were purified and made white and tried,' and in which the Mother of Harlots was 'drunk with the blood of the saints and the martyrs of Jesus' (Rev. 17:6) ended as we have already shown, practically in 1776 and actually in 1799 when the Pope and his authority were humiliated before the World.

[Emphasis added]

Thy Kingdom Come 1915, p35

No further conflict between these would occur except one, and it would be just at “the appointed” the time of the end, 1799

[Emphasis added]

Thy Kingdom Come 1915, P38

From other scriptures we learn that it was a period of 1260 years which ended with A.D. 1799, a date prominently noted by Daniel and the Revelator as well as in history.


The full period of the persecutor’s (Papacy’s) power, 1260 years, would not end until 1799

Emphasis added]

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